National Commissions

Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue


Within the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), the Bishops of Canada maintain ecumenical and interfaith engagement primarily through the Commission for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue. As one of the CCCB’s three National Commissions, this Commission acts as a liaison with other churches and ecclesial communities, with other religious traditions, as well as with national and international ecumenical organizations. Relationships are built and sustained through a variety of high-level conversations, some supported officially by the CCCB as “Dialogues” or “Consultations.” Regular meetings are held to advance mutual understanding and respect consistent with the unique goals proper to each instance. When opportune, the Commission also facilitates joint initiatives or statements regarding concerns related to the common good which the CCCB shares with its ecumenical, Jewish, and interfaith partners. The CCCB’s commitment to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue is likewise a service to Canada; it strengthens bonds at the grass roots between believers belonging to different religious communities across the country, contributing to the advancement of social harmony.


The Most Rev. Donald Bolen, Chairman
The Most Rev. Claude Lamoureux
The Most Rev. Albert LeGatt
The Most Rev. Ivan Mathieu, S.M.
The Most Rev. Antoine Nassif
The Most Rev. Alain Faubert (consultor)



Advisor and Commission Secretary

Brian Butcher, Ph.D.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations


2500 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa (ON) K1H 2J2

613-241-9461, ext. 226