The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops...

... unites the forces of some 90 Bishops in 71 Canadian dioceses. The CCCB helps the Bishops of Canada to collaborate in their pastoral responsibilities at the national and international level. It also offers the Bishops a forum to discuss their ministry, the life of the Church, and the major events that shape society.

... helps communities and all Catholics in Canada. The CCCB Publications Service offers more than 300 titles that can be ordered at Canadian parishes and a large number of schools use many of these publications on a daily basis.

... supports families. By jointly founding the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) with the Knights of Columbus, the CCCB has answered an urgent need. Through its annual messages, most recently on transmitting the faith within the family, as well as its statements and its annual forum on family (the first in 2007) and ethical issues, COLF supports and strengthens the fundamental role that families have in society. To find out more, visit

... is involved on the world scene. Forty years ago this year, the CCCB founded Development and Peace. This international solidarity organization, to date, has given more than $460 million toward development projects. A magnificent story! A reconstruction project in Indonesia is currently helping many where the devastating tsunami destroyed entire communities:

... accompanies young people. On a national level, the CCCB promotes Canadian involvement in World Youth Days, international gatherings of hundreds of thousands of young people meet and celebrate with the Holy Father. The Conference also publishes resources to meet the catechetical needs of Catholic schools throughout the country as well as for the faith education of children in parishes and homes.

... intervenes in public life. The Conference provides a voice in the media on questions of social justice, the environment and the dignity of human life. Its website,, one of the most consulted within the Catholic Church in Canada, features thousands of pages that have been consulted by over 3 million visitors since 1995. Web users can locate official documents, information on CCCB work and projects, and news about Canadian dioceses and Bishops. Online visitors can also sign up to receive e-mail updates, which give access to the latest CCCB news as soon as they become available.

... is involved in dialogue by being part of the discussions, exchanges and reflections – called ecumenical dialogues and interfaith liaison committees and consultations. These include the Muslim and Jewish communities, as well as the Anglican Church of Canada, the United Church of Canada and the Orthodox Churches. These exchanges further mutual understanding, sharing on religious and social issues, as well as participation in common projects. In November 2006, over 40 representatives from various ecumenical and interfaith groups signed a Joint Declaration on Marriage as part of the debate on the redefinition of this social institution.

... builds solidarity by financing projects that encourage understanding and solidarity between Catholic Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal Canadian.

... establishes links with a multitude of groups and organizations involved within the Church, whether they are involved in aiding the impoverished, defending human rights, participating in ecumenical dialogues or promoting of the dignity of human life.

... represents Canadian Catholics on national and international organizations and at various important meetings such as the Synods of Bishops, the next of which has been called by Pope Benedict XVI in October 2008 on the Word of God.

Bishop’s Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada

30 September 2007