Pope John Paul II’s Visit to Canada (1984)



TV Greet – I Am also Waiting to Meet You (04-Sept-84)

Radio Message from Pope John Paul II, flying over Gaspé (09-Sept-84)

Speech from John Paul II during the Welcoming Ceremony (09-Sept-84)




Quebec City

Angelus in the Cathedral (09-Sept-84)

Speech in the chapel of the petit séminaire (09-Sept-84)

Eucharistic celebration at the University of Laval (homily) (09-Sept-84)

Visit to François-Charon Centre (10-Sept-84)


Sainte-Anne de Beaupré

Meeting with the Amerindians and Inuuit (10-Sept-84)



Visit to the Vieux sanctuaire of Notre-Dame-du-Cap (10-Sept-84)

Eucharistic celebration at Notre-Dame-du-Cap (homily) (10-Sept-84)

Consecration to Mary, Notre-Dame-du-Cap (10-Sept-84)



Visit to the Cathedral (10-Sept-84)

Visit to the tomb of Blessed André Bessette (11-Sept-84)

Meeting with clergy, St. Joseph’s Oratory (11-Sept-84)

Visit to the tomb of  Marguerite Bourgeoy (11-Sept-84)

Beatification of Sister Marie-Léonie: homily in Jarry Park (11-Sept-84)

Meeting with young school children (11-Sept-84)

Meeting with youth at the Olympic Stadium (11-Sept-84)




Flatrock, Newfoundland

Blessing of the fishing fleet (12-Sept-84)


St. John’s, Newfoundland

Meeting with the handicapped (12-Sept-84)

Homily in Pleasantville (12-Sept-84)

Meeting with youth, St. John’s (12-Sept-84)

Meeting with Catholic educators (12-Sept-84)


Moncton, New Brunswick

Celebration in the Cathedral (13-Sept-84)

Homily at Front Mountain Road (13-Sept-84)


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Angelus with the youth at the Halifax Central Commons (13-Sept-84)

Meeting with laity actively collaborating in the ministry of the Church (13-Sept-84)

Meeting with children and the handicapped (14-Sept-84)

Eucharistic Celebration – homily (14-Sept-84)





Meeting with clergy (14-Sept-84)

Ecumenical meeting (14-Sept-84)

Meeting with the Polish community (14-Sept-84)



Meeting with the elderly and the handicapped (15-Sept-84)

Celebration of the Word on the Shrine field (15-Sept-84)



Eucharistic celebration – homily (15-Sept-84)

Meeting with the Byzantine rite Slovaks (15-Sept-84)

Meeting with the laity (15-Sept-84)


Western Canada


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meeting with the Ukrainians (16-Sept-84)

Angelus at St-Mary’s cathedral (16-Sept-84)

Eucharistic celebration at Birds Hill Park – homily (16-Sept-84)


Edmonton, Alberta

Ecumenical meeting (16-Sept-84)

Eucharistic celebration – homily (17-Sept-84)


Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories

Radiomessage to the Natives (18-Sept-84)


Vancouver, British Columbia

Eucharistic Celebration – homily (18-Sept-84)

Meeting with the youth, elderly, and the handicapped (18-Sept-84)




Hull, Quebec

Eucharistic Celebration – Homily (19-Sept-84)


Ottawa, Ontario

Meeting with Government officials and the Diplomatic Corps (19-Sept-84)

Visit to the Cathedral (20-Sept-84)

Meeting with the Bishops of Canada (20-Sept-84)

Eucharistic Celebration – homily (20-Sept-84)

Farewell ceremony (20-Sept-84)