The following three Prayers are offered as a guide.


1. This prayer was composed by Graydon Nicholas, as part of his 8 day Retreat in

August 2001. During this time Graydon served as a member of the Council for

Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion.


HOLY CREATOR, FATHER of all that YOU have created.


YOU created all for a purpose.


WE PRAY, in a special way, to our COUSIN, MARY, who is the Mother of


WE also pray to those who have committed themselves, as Followers of

JESUS, our Relatives, to inspire us and to encourage us to remove the

Wrongs, the Abuses and the Poverty in Body and Spirit.



2. Joseph Chiwatenhwa's Prayer


The Jesuit Relations give in Huron and French a wonderful prayer dictated by Joseph

Chiwatenhwa to Father Jerome Lalemant. It shows the beautiful and deep understanding

of God's love that Joseph Chiwatenhwa received. It also shows his desire to return God's

gift of love with love.


O God, at last I start to understand you.

You made the earth which we live in. You made

the sky which we see above us. You

made us, we who are called people.

Now you let me start to know who you really are.

I know how to make a canoe, and how to enjoy

it I know how to build a cabin and how to

live in it But you... you made us, and you

live in us.

The things we make last for a few seasons. We

only use the canoes we create for a short

time. We only live in the houses we build

for a few years. But your love for us will

endure so long that we cannot count the

time. You will comfort us forever.

As long as we live, how can anyone not

acknowledge you? You are the one who

protects us.

The time we feel your presence the most is

when we face death You are the one with

the power to keep our souls alive, because

only you know how to love us in the

deepest part of ourselves.

Not even a mother or father can love a human

being the way you do. Your love for us is

so strong that it makes evil spirits lose

their power.

Now I begin to see that the reason you made us

is because you want to share your love.

Nothing attracts you as much as your


Thank you for letting me understand you

You love us so deeply that all I can do in return

is offer myself to you I claim you as my

elder and chief There is no one else.

Ask me for anything you want Just let me

always hold you in my heart. I always

want to feel you watching and protecting


I offer you my family. If any evil strikes them

when I am away, I know you will take

care of them Your love is more than I can

ever give them.

Thank you ... from my heart.

I see the loving way you lead us along the path

of life. You want what is best for us.

If we have poverty, let us feel your love in it.

If we get rich, do not let comfort make us forget

that we need you Never let us turn into

selfish people. Never let us think we are

better than others who have less.

You love us equally, rich and poor. We are

people, your people, and you love us as

we are.

It fills me with joy to know you. I can feel the

presence of your love.

Thank you for letting me give you myself just

as I am.

The more I thank you, the more I find I can give

myself to you.

Help me let go of the things I used to place my

faith in. All I ask is to be yours.

It would have been enough to give us - and

the gifts of the earth Thank you for them.

But you've given us much more. In you,

we live forever.

I can hardly imagine what heaven is like, but it

is enough for me to know your love and to

believe in you with all my heart.

You have promised to let us be free spirits in

you, and because I know you love us,

your promise gives me hope.

Help us to welcome suffering fit means we will

know our need of you more deeply. In our

suffering, help us give ourselves to you.

We don't have to be afraid to die, because

death is the new birth that lets us live

fully in you.

Life is a journey, and with

you as our companion and our

destination, it will end with great joy.

Lord, I am not afraid of death anymore. I will

rejoice when I know the time has come for

me to die.

I do not even want to mourn the passing of my

relatives. All I need to remember is you

are bringing them to be with you in

paradise. You want to take them away so

they can have perfect happiness.






This prayer is taken from PRAYERS FOR WORLD YOUTH DAY 2002, CCCB. And is

recommended for those who choose to gather for a brief period of prayer together.


Leader:     Let us quiet ourselves and feel the presence of God.


A period of silence is observed


We turn to the East. Each day the sun rises to a new day, reminding us of

our own rising to new life. With the coming of a new day, we are given new

beginnings and new opportunities to love God and each other.

For your gift of new life:


All:         We praise and thank you, Creator God.


Leader: We turn to the South. We think about people, those who have

warmed our lives, our families and friends, and other relationships that offer opportunities of growth and development.

For your gift of others in our lives:


All:         We praise and thank you, Creator God.


Leader:  We turn to the West. The dusk of sunset and the coming of night calls

us to praise God, not only for the day that has passed but also for the sunset of our own lives. We are reminded that one day our own day will end, bringing us home to our Creator.

For the coming of your Kingdom:


All:        We praise and thank you, Creator God.


Leader: We turn to the North. We recall the challenges and difficulties we

experienced in our lives. They too are a gift from God, a gift of strength, a

gift of courage and a gift of presence. When we are challenged or face

difficult moments in our lives, we are reminded that God is ever present in

our time of need.

For the gift of your presence:


All:         We praise and thank you, Creator God.


Leader: We bow down and touch Mother Earth. God created the world, the

plants and animals, and in God's own image, man and woman were created.

The Earth provides all that is needed to sustain life; God provides all that is

needed to sustain us.

For your gift of life:


All:         We praise and thank you, Creator God.


Leader: Finally, we look up into the sky. It is huge and vast, filled with

wonder and awe, filled with hopes and dreams. So great and wondrous is

our God. So great and vast, our hopes and dreams can be. Looking up into

the sky, we are reminded that this awesome God has chosen us and filled us

with hope.

For your gift of hope:


All:         We praise and thank you, Creator God




Leader: Let us offer our needs to God in prayer.


Participants are encouraged to offer their own petitions.


Response: O Lord, our God, we celebrate this opportunity to be together in your

name, cheered by the love of one another, surrounded by the natural beauty of earth. Let the things of earth refresh us and increase our awareness of the beauty in you and in one another.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


All:         Amen.