Summary of the presentation of Most Reverend Gerald Wiesner, O.M.I., Bishop of Prince George

In the Apostolic Letter Novo Millenio Ineunte Pope John Paul II points to the celebration of the Holy Year of 2000 as an opportunity for the Church to examine how far she had renewed herself in light of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.
The Council, clearly and repeatedly, calls for the full, conscious and active participation of the faithful in the celebration of the liturgy. This quality of participation is both demanded by the nature of the liturgy and called for in virtue of baptism.
The royal priesthood, conferred on the faithful in the sacrament of baptism, requires of them and enables them to offer the divine Victim to the Father and to offer themselves along with the divine Victim.
As indicated in the Instrumentum Laboris many lack a proper understanding of the Eucharist and hence fail to participate properly. This brief paper is an effort to underline and address this issue.