Canadian Catholic Initiatives 1991 - 2000

Tuesday, May 13 2014

September 18, 1992
Statement entitled Towards a New Evangelization - a message by the Permanent Council of the CCCB on the 500th Anniversary of the Evange­lization of the Americas. The following initiatives should also be noted: a) an ecumenical fact-finding tours by Church leaders to the Lubicon Band; b) as a follow up to the papal visit, a petition campaign throughout Roman Catholic parishes in support of Native self-determination; c) as a follow up to the Oka crisis, an information kit prepared by the CCCB Social Affairs Office and distributed to Catholic dioceses to be used as an education resource to raise the awareness among Christians about Aboriginal rights struggles; d) ecumenical meetings of Church leaders with politicians concerning various issues pertaining to Native Peoples.

November 8, 1993
CCCB brief, Let Justice Flow Like a Mighty River, to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, reviewing the mission history of the Catholic Church with Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 

December 6-9, 1995
CCCB contribution to a Sacred Assembly promoting spiritual reconciliation and healing between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginals in Canada, organized by Mr. Elijah Harper, then Member of Parliament for Churchill, involving Native elders and religious and political leaders.  Catholic participation included Sister Eva Solomon, C.S.J., Father Mike Stogre, S.J., Father Gerry Laboucane, O.M.I., Sister. Kateri Mitchell, S.S.A., and CCCB delegate the Most Reverend Remi De Roo, Bishop of Victoria. 

Intervention at the Holy See by Chief Harry Lafond, of the Muskeg Lake Band in Saskatchewan, during the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishop for America regarding the relationship between the Christian Churches and the Aboriginal Peoples of America, in response to paragraphs 13, 14 and 59 of the Instrumentum Laboris, which specifically deal with the Gospel and Indigenous cultures.

Establishment of the Council for Reconciliation, Solidarity and Communion (now the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council) to manage the Fund for Reconciliation Solidarity and Communion.  From its creation until 2006, it provided a number of grants to many healing projects and initiatives, including the following:

Meeting of the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Mr. Phil Fontaine, along with two other representatives, with the CCCB Executive Committee.

November 1999
Memorandum of Understanding between the CCCB and the Assembly of First Nations in order to deepen their collaboration and dialogue.

May 1999
Pastoral letter on Native spirituality by the CCCB Episcopal Commission for the Evangelization of Peoples.

September 24, 2000
Call to reflection: Aboriginal Land Rights: a Jubilee Challenge Facing Canada,

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