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The CCCB Publications Service offers a number of resources for the Lenten journey.

The Passion Narratives

Meditations on the Face of Jesus
Christian artists and artisans through the centuries have created their impressions of the face of Jesus. Ten of these images in mosaic, stained glass, sculpture and canvas join with reflections on the writings of Pope John Paul II, to create Meditations on the Face of Jesus.
Code: 4-728 $24.95

The Passion Narratives

The Passion Narratives
A resource for public proclamation
The perfect resource for Passion Sunday and Good Friday, every aspect of these beautifully designed books contributes to a dignified proclamation of the Word. Arranged to accommodate three or more readers, the Passion narratives of all four gospels appear as in the Lectionary for Sundays and Solemnities (2009 edition). These handsomely-bound hard cover books retain all the decorum of the Lectionary, yet are light enough to be easily held with one hand. Distinct sense lines facilitate proclamation.
Set of three copies
Code: 2-393K $49.99
Individual copies are available for $20
Code: 2-393

Looking for Engaging Children’s Resources?

Bible Stories for the Forty Days

Bible Stories for the Forty Days
This delightful book contains a wonderfully told story from the Bible for each day of Lent. Read this book with very young children; older children will make it their own.
Code: ARK-BK0 $18.75

Forty Days and Forty Nights: A Lenten Ark Moving Toward Easter

Forty Days and Forty Nights: A Lenten Ark Moving Toward Easter
Count down the days of Lent aboard an ark with Noah's family and all the animals. The colourful 30.5 cm by 30.5 cm ark has windows and doors to open for each day of Lent and for the Three Days of the Easter Triduum. The accompanying booklet connects the animals on the ark to lenten values and provides guidance for daily prayer.
Code: ARK-000 $18.75

Garden of the Good Shepherd

Garden of the Good Shepherd
This reusable sticker calendar counts the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. The booklet also includes explanations of Eastertime stories and of the images contained on the calendar.
Code: GAR-DEN $24.95

Resources for LENT and LIFE

A Lent Sourcebook (2 volume set)

Our SOURCEBOOKS contain over 1,000 entries to inspire and guide you throughout Lent.

A Lent Sourcebook (in 2 volumes) includes readings on conversion, repentance, renewal, rebirth, mystery and eternity.
Code: 2LE-NTK $40.00

A Triduum Sourebook (3 volume set)

The Triduum Sourcebook provides
Scripture readings and prayers for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday, along with a treasury of hymns, poetry, homilies and reflections in 3 volumes.
Code: TRI-DRK $56.25

A Reconciliation Sourcebook

A Reconciliation Sourcebook
This anthology of reflections, scripture and prayer make this book a great resource for exploring and proclaiming the ministry of reconciliation shared by all the baptized. Pastors, liturgy preparation groups, catechists and teachers will find in this volume a valuable tool for their ministries, and all Christians will find in it hope and encouragement for daily living.
Code: REC-ON0 $22.50

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation: A Theological and Pastoral Reflection for the Ministers of the Sacrament
The Episcopal Commission for Theology Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
This brief text fosters a greater appreciation of the value, beauty, and power of Reconciliation on the journey toward becoming one again with members of the Eucharistic Assembly. A “must-read” for all ministers of the sacrament, this text provides important insights and opportunities for reflection for all the faithful who seek to strengthen their relationship with God.
Code: 4-625 $3.95

Check out our selection of smaller booklets, affordably priced for wider distribution, notably:

What Am I Doing for Lent This Year?

What Am I Doing for Lent This Year?
Here is the retreat and catechesis parishes will love to give to everyone in the assembly. What Am I Doing for Lent This Year? is a serious booklet that presents Lent as a powerful opportunity for renewal.
Code: DOL-ENT $2.00

Introduction to Lent and Eastertime

Introduction to Lent and Eastertime
How often have you tried to explain what Lent and Eastertime mean to the life of the church? Now you can expand the understanding, participation and devotion of your community with this small booklet. Affordable pricing allows you to purchase in bulk for study groups, catechumens, liturgical ministers, or the whole parish.
Code: ILE-000 $2.00

What Am I Doing for Triduum This Year?

What Am I Doing for Triduum This Year?
With this booklet and a Bible in hand, readers will find the solemn mysteries of the Triduum more powerful and more approachable than ever before. Call for quantity discounts available.
Code: EDT-200 $2.00


Caritas in Veritate In his third, and most timely encyclical Caritas in Veritate :On Integral Human development in Charity and Truth, Pope Benedict XVI addresses the economic, social and ecological challenges of our day with a clear call for collective accountability. While acknowledging the many benefits of scientific and economic progress, the Holy Father cautions that when not pursued with commitment and equity as well as for the common good, these same activities can jeopardize the delicate balance of our increasingly interdependent globe. An essential tool for recognizing and addressing the social consequences of our shortcomings.
Code: 4-703 $6.95
Caritas in Veritate

Lent is a time of deep reflection for many people. With reflection come meaningful and important questions about faith...indeed, about our place in this world. The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (also available with a softcover) is a wonderful resource throughout this process. It contains ALL the essential elements of the Catholic faith in 200 easy-to-read pages, written in question and answer format that is sure to inspire and inform.
Hardcover (Code: 4-494) $24.95

Spe Salvi: On Christian Hope

Spe Salvi: On Christian Hope
Entitled "In hope we are saved", the text of Spe Salvi is the Holy Father’s personal reflection on Christian hope. The perfect companion for reflection during Lent.
Code: 4-690 $6.95

Encyclical Letter - Deus Caritas Est

Pope Benedict encourages us to reflect on Christ crucified who, dying on Calvary, revealed fully for us the love of God. In his Encyclical Deus caritas est, the Pope dwells upon this theme of love, highlighting its two fundamental forms: agape and eros. Share God’s love!
Code: 4-498 $6.95

Blessings and Prayers for Home and Family - Softcover

A popular family resource, Blessing and Prayers for Home and Family, (also available with a softcover) includes prayers and blessings for every occasion, helpful pastoral notes, a special section on Lent and Easter (including meal prayers for Holy Week), along with a thoughtful explanation of the Way of the Cross. Makes a beautiful gift.
Hardcover (Code: 2-383) $35.00
Softcover (Code: 2-376) $24.95

Penance Celebrations

Penance Celebrations offers a variety of celebration outlines, prayer suggestions, and guidelines for a community examination of conscience.
Code: 2-274R $9.95

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