Letter from the Holy Father to all Bishops

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pope  francisOn the liturgical Feast of the Holy Innocents, celebrated this past December 28, Pope Francis addressed a letter to all Bishops around the world, inviting them to "join in the pain of the victims" involved in the sexual abuse of minors and to "weep for this sin. The sin of what happened, the sin of failing to help, the sin of covering up and denial, the sin of the abuse of power." The Pope also observes millions of children in the world have had to interrupt their education because of emergencies and crises, have been forcibly displaced from their countries, die of malnutrition, and live in conditions of slavery. Concluding his letter, the Holy Father recalls that "Christian joy does not arise on the fringes of reality, by ignoring it or acting as if it did not exist. Christian joy is born from a call – the same call that Saint Joseph received – to embrace and protect human life, especially that of the holy innocents of our own day. Christmas is a time that challenges us to protect life, to help it be born and grow. It is a time that challenges us as bishops to find new courage." He continues by saying that being courageous "generates processes capable of acknowledging the reality that many of our children are experiencing today, and working to ensure them the bare minimum needed so that their dignity as God's children will not only be respected but, above all, defended."

Link to the letter of the Holy Father

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