Addresses, Speeches, Homilies 1984

Consecration to Mary, Notre-Dame-du-Cap

SEPTEMBER 10, 1984

Hail to you, full of grace, the Lord is with you!

Hail to you humble servant of the Lord, blessed among all women!

Hail to you, holy Mother of God, blessed and glorius [sp] virgin!

Hail, Mother of the Church holy Mary: our Mother!

Our Lady of the Cape, you open your arms to welcome your children!

Great and small, you listen to and comfort everyone; you show them the source of all joy and all peace;

Jesus, the fruit of your womb.

I present to your motherly love the men and women of this country.

I pray to you for the children and the young: may they go through life guided by faith and hope; may they open their hearts to the call of the Master of the harvest.

I pray to you for older people: may they enjoy peace and know that they are loved.

I pray to you for couples: may they discover the ever new beauty of a love that is generous and open to Life.

I pray to you for families: may they enjoy the happiness of that unity, in which each gives to the other the best of him or herself.

I pray to you for unmarried people: may they discover the happiness of serving and of knowing themselves to be useful to their brothers and sisters.

I pray to you for consecrated persons: may they bear witness, through their free commitment, to the call of Christ to build a new world.

I pray to you for those who have responsibility for the people of God: bishops, priests, deacons and all those who exercise an ecclesial ministry or an apostolate. Maintain them in the courage and the joy of the Gospel.

I pray to you for those who are ill, tired or discouraged. Grant them relief from their pain and the ability to offer it with Christ. May we be attentive to their sorrows and their needs.

I pray to you for those whom society isolates or rejects. Make us loving towards them. Help us to find in them the poor in whom your Son recognized himself.

Guide political leaders in the path of justice for all. Help the human community to move in solidarity along the path of progress.

I pray to you for those who find themselves far from God. Lead them towards the love and the light of the Lord.

There are wars in many countries. Support the victims and convert those who spread misery.

So many of our brothers and sisters suffer the pangs of hunger. Make us capable of sharing more and of doing it freely.

Support the Church in Canada as it works to preach the Gospel. Confirm in it the vitality of the Word. Prompt it to serve justice. Strengthen within it the bonds of communion which your Son established among the members of his body. Help all the scattered children of God to rediscover the fullness of unity.

Mother of believers! Pray for each and every one of us, sinners. Teach us to live in the friendship of God and in mutual support, to walk in the ways of the Lord, firm in our faith and strengthened by your presence.

I present to you my brothers and sisters of this country. Receive them in your helpful goodness and motherly tenderness for they are loved by your son Jesus. He confided them to you at the moment of giving up his life for the many.


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada