2021 World Communications Day

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

On 23 January 2021, the liturgical memorial of Saint Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists, the Holy See released the Holy Father’s Message for the 55th World Communications Day. The message is entitled “Come and See” (Jn 1:46). Communicating by Encountering People Where and as They Are.

In his Message, Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of authentic human communication: “In order to tell the truth of life that becomes history (cf. Message for the 54th World Communications Day, 24 January 2020), it is necessary to move beyond the complacent attitude that we ‘already know’ certain things. Instead, we need to go and see them for ourselves, to spend time with people, to listen to their stories and to confront reality, which always in some way surprises us. […] This year, then, I would like to devote this Message to the invitation to ‘come and see’, which can serve as an inspiration for all communication that strives to be clear and honest, in the press, on the internet, in the Church’s daily preaching and in political or social communication. ‘Come and see!’  This has always been the way that the Christian faith has been communicated, from the time of those first encounters on the banks of the River Jordan and on the Sea of Galilee.”

In Canada, World Communications Day will be celebrated on 16 May 2021, the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord.

Message for the 2021 World Communications Day