Aid to the Church in Need 2016 Report on Religious Freedom

Friday, November 25, 2016

Report ACN 2016In its 2016 report Religious Freedom in the World, published November 2016, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) warns of the global impact of “a new phenomenon of religiously-motivated violence” which it identifies as “Islamist hyper-extremism” in the Middle East. The report, which assesses the situation of religious freedom in 196 countries, concludes that: “In parts of the Middle East including Iraq and Syria, this hyper-extremism is eliminating all forms of religious diversity and is threatening to do so in parts of African and the Asian Sub-Continent.” At the same time as the research for the report confirms a “rising tide of persecution aimed at marginalised religious communities”, with Muslim countries predominating in the list of states with the most serious religious freedom violations, it also provides further information about the decline of religious freedom in Western countries.

Link to the ACN Report