Canada concerned by recent events in Sri Lanka and Egypt

Monday, August 19, 2013

In a public statement published August 13, 2013, Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Mr. Andrew Bennett, expressed Canada’s concerns following the August 10 attack on a mosque in Sri Lanka, and also by the violence, injury and loss of life during a manifestation while protesters were seeking refuge in a Catholic church. “It is of utmost importance that every person is able to practise his or her faith free from the threat of violence,” the Ambassador for Religious Freedom stated, and went on to say that “Canada will continue to condemn all attacks on places of worship.”

On August 15, both Foreign Affairs Minister the Honourable John Baird and Ambassador Bennett stated in a joint text they were concerned “by recent attacks on religious institutions in Egypt, in particular the unconscionable attacks on Coptic Orthodox and Anglican churches and on Baptist and Franciscan institutions”.

Link to the statement on Sri Lanka
Link to the statement on Egypt