Catholic Bishops of Quebec end their Ad Limina visit with a second meeting with the Holy Father

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Catholic Bishops of Quebec concluded their 2017 Ad Limina visit with a second previously scheduled meeting with Pope Francis. This was a private audience with the Holy Father held on 11 May. Previously, on 5 May, they had met with the Pope at a meeting which he had requested and which also involved various officials from the Roman Curia. In addition, on 9 May, the Quebec Bishops joined Pope Francis for his daily Eucharistic celebration at the Santa Marta Residence. The visit by the Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops marks the end of the series of four 2017 Ad Limina visits by the Bishops of Canada. These began with the Bishops from the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly, 13 to 18 March, followed by the Bishops from Western Canada, 27 March to 2 April, and then by the Bishops of Ontario, 24 to 29 April.

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Photo: © L’Osservatore Romano