Celebrating the 10th anniversary of WYD 2002

Friday, August 3, 2012

JMJ_2002_logo_This summer marks the 10th anniversary of World Youth Day (WYD) in Toronto. Held July 23-28, 2002, it remains the single largest religious event to date in Canadian history. The Bishops of Canada are grateful to God for the many graces that have enriched the Church as a result of WYD 2002. It was a source of new vocations to the ordained ministry and consecrated life. It has encouraged renewed efforts in youth ministry. It resulted in a stronger sense of Catholic identity and outreach. It helped deepen among Canadian Catholics their appreciation and understanding of being part of the universal Church. It gave witness to ecumenical and interfaith collaboration, and has given birth to new expressions of Church engagement and communications, including the Salt and Light Media Foundation.

All this was made possible by the generosity and involvement of the dioceses of Canada, together with a devoted organizing team under the direction of WYD National Director and CEO Father Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., as well as the contributions of thousands of Catholics and other men and women of goodwill who volunteered to assist in the Canadian-wide pilgrimage of the World Youth Day Cross, the Days in the Dioceses, the WYD celebrations in Toronto, and all the follow-up.

The information found on the following links testifies to the enduring and inspiring results of WYD 2002:

Article by Father Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., published by the Osservatore romano
A special episode of Salt + Light TV “Perspectives: The Weekly Edition”, on the memories of WYD 2002
The reliving of WYD 2002 by Salt + Light TV through photos and videos
– A note on the celebrations of the WYD 2002 10th anniversary
Statement by the Most Reverend Jacques Berthelet, C.S.V., then President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, immediately following WYD 2002, entitled “A New Wind Blows through the Church in Canada“.

It is often said a major event such as World Youth Day can only be fully appreciated in the light of all the experiences and effects that continue to be formed and nourished over the subsequent years. Looking back over the past decade and the many, many fruits of WYD 2002 helps one see how the Church has been built up and expanded by this truly unique and momentous world event.