CNEWA Canada Raises $1.2 million for Christians in the Middle East in 2018 — Campaign Extended Through 2019

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

mideast chartca“Christians can’t survive without you,” a campaign launched by the Catholic Near East Welfare Association Canada (CNEWA Canada) in May 2018 to support Christians in the Middle East, has yielded $1.2 million Cdn, exceeding expectations, and will be extended through 2019.

“At CNEWA, we believe that Middle East Christians have the right to remain in their ancestral homelands and live out their faith in freedom and respect,” says Carl Hétu, national director for CNEWA Canada. “I invite Canadians to continue their support of CNEWA’s efforts to ensure Christians can fully and actively participate in a society that is theirs.”

Funds gathered through this campaign are being directed toward projects in essential healthcare services, emergency relief, centres for vulnerable children, training for seminarians and basic religious education.

CNEWA Canada raised more than $4 million Cdn in 2018, of which 49 per cent was directed to projects and programs in the Middle East.

Link to the news release of CNEWA Canada (PDF)