Joint colloquium for French-language liturgists and catechists

Friday, November 6, 2015

Session ONL Octobre 2015-1The French Sector National Liturgy Office of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) brought together 41 French-language catechists and 36 liturgists on October 14, 2015, to present the new French-language liturgical and pastoral guide for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The guide was published in 2015 by the Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones (AELF, the Episcopal Liturgical association for French-speaking countries). The diocesan representatives worked together on the theological, pastoral and liturgical significance of the sacrament and on elements for its celebration which are featured in the new guide. Liturgists had the opportunity to learn more about the ways catechists accompany the celebrations, while catechists had the opportunity to appreciate how liturgists are needed to complete a catechetical program and to collaborate in preparing the celebrations of the sacrament.

confirmationThe new guide, entitled Confirmation, Notes pastorales et propositions de célébration, was prepared by a group of specialists, including several from Canada, at the request of the Bishops of the international French-language Episcopal Commission for liturgical translations (CEFTL). It provides new light on accompanying those wanting to live the Sacrament of Confirmation and become better disciples of Jesus Christ. The new resource, as well as the session by the French Sector National Liturgy Office, are distinctive in how they present Confirmation as part of the catechumenate journey, involving a step by step approach and inspired by the catechumenal process.

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