Life and family suggestions for homilies and prayers of the faithful during January 2017

Thursday, December 22, 2016

lifeandfamily-2016As it has done since September 2012, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) will continue throughout 2017 to post possible homily ideas and prayers of the faithful to help link the Sunday liturgy with the national pastoral initiative for life and family. The proposed texts for the first month of 2017 include suggestions from the Epiphany of the Lord, January 8, to the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 29. The suggestions for January 1, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, as well as the World Day of Peace, were published with the suggestions for December 2016. As usual, the suggestions for homilies and prayers can be easily adapted for family prayer, as well as for personal prayer or for use with other groups or organizations. The texts for the month of January are available on the special Life and Family webpage, under the section “Documents and activities proposed by the CCCB“.