New links added to website of the French Sector National Liturgy Office (NLO)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

onl_siteThe French Sector National Liturgy Office (NLO) has recently added to its website a PDF version of the French-language confirmation ritual which is no longer available in print.  Also, the NLO now offers a new service on its website for those involved in liturgical music.  Entitled “Sélections de chants”, it proposes a selection of French-language liturgical hymns for various periods of the liturgical year.   Originally offering selections for the Sundays of Advent of Year B, it now also includes a selection of hymns for the Lenten season of Year B.   Eventually, selections will be available for the entirety of all three liturgical years and will be updated regularly. 

Finally, the latest edition of the CCCB French-language liturgical resource Vivre et célébrer was recently published. Its table of contents is now available on the website. This special issue is on the French-language text of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (the initials for this in French are PGMR).