SOCABI presents “The psalter for solitude”

Friday, February 1, 2013

socabiSOCABI, the French-language equivalent of the Catholic Biblical Association of Canada, has launched a new biblical project, Le Psautier des solitudes (“The psalter for solitude”), which will be made available on Ash Wednesday, this coming February 13, 2013. This is a one-hour recital by Quebec actor Michel Forgues of selected Psalms. The project has been supervised by Quebec biblical scholar Professor Jean Duhaime and is with the support of the Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones (the Episcopal Liturgical Association for French-speaking countries). SOCABI is suggesting the recital could be presented in churches, shrines, religious communities, homes for senior citizens, or funeral homes.    

For background information as well as the conditions for using the recital, contact Professor Duhaime at (514) 925-4300, Ext. 297, or by email at