The Church at the Service of Sick Elderly People

Friday, November 22, 2013

xxviii-conferenzaPCPS-2013The 28th International Conference of the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care is taking place in Rome, November 21 to 23, 2013, on the theme “The Church at the Service of Sick Elderly People: Care for People with Neurodegenerative Pathologies”.  It gathers researchers, physicians, Church staff and volunteers from 57 countries on the five continents who are at the service of the elderly. The participants will be received by Pope Francis in an audience on November 23. Given the current debates in Canada and other countries about euthanasia, this International Conference is an opportunity to reflect on the values of society and the Holy Father’s ongoing appeals to protect vulnerable people. During his daily Mass on November 19, he said that “a society which does not take care for and respect the elderly does not have a future because it doesn’t have memories.”