Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blessed Marie-Anne BlondinOn April 18, the Church in Canada celebrates the life and witness of Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin, founder of a religious community of women, the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Anne, which was dedicated at first to remedy the pitiful situation of the rural schools of her time. The Congregation was founded in Vaudreuil, Quebec, on September 8, 1850. The principal text outlining her life and spirituality which has been posted on the CCCB Website is a translation from the liturgical fascicules issued by the French Sector Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments for each Canadian Saint and Blessed. Printed copies of the complete fascicules in French are on sale from CCCB Publications.

The following outline of her life and spirituality is part of an initiative by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life. The CCCB English Sector Office for Evangelization and Catechesis has developed catechetical resources on the life and spirituality of Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin.

Link to the biography of Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin (PDF)
Link to catechetical resources in English
Link to the prayer to Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin
Link to the website of the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Anne