Ecumenical Relations

Dialogues Supported by the CCCB

Dialogues/Consultations CCCB Participants
Orthodox-Catholic Bishops’ Dialogue
Founded in 2001.
The Most Rev. Thomas Dowd
The Most Rev. Lawrence Huculak, O.S.B.M
The Most Rev. Richard Grecco
The Most Rev. Michael Mulhall
Anglican / Roman Catholic Bishops’ Dialogue
Founded in 1975.
The Most Rev. Gary Gordon
The Most Rev. Albert LeGatt
The Most Rev. Jose Kalluvelil
The Most Rev. Albert Thévenot, M.Afr.
The Most Rev. Luc Bouchard
North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation
Founded in 1965.
Rev. Fr. Alexander Laschuk
Rev. Fr. Luis M. Melo
Polish National Catholic Church / Roman Catholic Dialogue
Founded in 1984.
Fr. Wojciech Kowal, O.M.I.
Anglican / Roman Catholic Dialogue
Founded in 1971.
The Most Rev. Brian Dunn
Dr. Nicholas Olkovich
Dr. Adèle Brodeur
Mr. Julien Hammond
Sister Donna Geernaert, S.C.
Mrs. Michelle Dabrowska (Secretary)
Roman Catholic / Lutheran Church Canada Dialogue
Founded in 2012.
The Most Rev. Gerard Bergie
Dr. Michael Attridge
Rev. Fr. Timothy Scott, C.S.B.
Dr. Jean-Pierre Fortin
Ms. Emily VanBerkum (Secretary)
Roman Catholic / United Church Dialogue
Founded in 1974.
The Most Rev. Brendan M. O’Brien
Sister Mary Rowell, CSJ
Sister Linda Gregg, CSJ
Rev. John Cole
Mr. Nicholas Jesson
Mr. Matthew Eaton (Secretary)
Catholic / Evangelical Dialogue
Founded in 2010. (Working group 2008 – 2009)
The Most Rev. Joseph Dabrowski, C.S.M.A
Dr. Mark Yenson
Dr. Aurélie Caldwell
Dr. Brett Salkeld
Fr. Mark Slatter