Easter Season

Tuesday, September 26 2006
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Alleluia! is our song. For forty days in Lent, the people of God listen to his word more attentively and spend more time in prayer and penance as we seek forgiveness and conversion. At the end of Holy Week, we enter the Easter Triduum, when we celebrate the dying and rising of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, for fifty days we sing Alleluia!

Easter vigil: During Holy Saturday night, the Church celebrates the victory of Christ over sin and death. He is the light of the world, who frees us from the kingdom of darkness and brings us into his kingdom of love.

Easter Sunday is the greatest day of the Christian year. We praise God for all his wonderful works of creation and salvation, but especially for raising Jesus from the dead, and declaring him Lord. Jesus is the saviour, the centre of salvation history.

We rejoice today with all Christians, for our heavenly Father has made us sharers in the grace of his Son. By baptism we die with him, are buried with him in death and are raised with him to glory. We share in his victory and his abundant new life.

Easter week: During this week, we continue our rejoicing over the resurrection of our Lord and his victory over sin and death. The daily gospel readings this week describe occasions on which the risen Jesus appeared to his followers.

The Easter octave ends with the second Sunday of the season. The gospel presents Thomas as he comes to believe in the risen Lord. We who did not see Christ in the flesh are called blessed also, because he has given us the faith to believe in him.

Easter season: Fifty days of Easter joy will bring us to the feast of Pentecost. God’s gift of life is complete in the sending of the Holy Spirit.

Paschal candle: During the Easter vigil, the Easter candle is prepared and lighted from the new fire. It symbolises and reminds us that Christ is the light of the world and that he is always present among his holy people. This candle is prominently displayed and is lighted for all liturgies during the Easter season.

Easter water: Water is blessed during the vigil for use in baptisms during the Easter season. This water is sprinkled over the people present at the vigil and on Easter Day as they renew their baptismal promises. We use blessed water in our homes as a reminder of our baptism, by which Jesus makes us the holy people of God.

Alleluia! is the song of the Easter season. It is a shout of joy and means “praise to God!” With Christ and all his Church, we rejoice that God has raised him up from death and has given us a share in his unending life.

Living in the Easter season: This season lasts for seven weeks or 50 days, extending between Easter and Pentecost. St. Athanasius (+373) called this period “the great Sunday”.

Whenever two or three gather in his name, Jesus is with us—at home, in church, at work or at play. He is present, speaking to us when his gospel is proclaimed to us. He is present in our liturgical celebrations: in the assembly, the scriptures, the ministers, in the power of his sacraments, in the Eucharist.

Our Lord assures us that he is the one we help whenever we feed the hungry, visit the sick or imprisoned, and clothe the naked. Jesus is always with his people.




Baptism and Eucharist: The Easter season is an invitation to live out the meaning of our baptism. Do we continue to resist sin and live for God? Are we active members of our community of faith, or do we just surface on Sundays¼ or even more rarely? Is the Sunday Mass at the centre of our living all week?
Are we Easter people?

Living the rest of the year: During Lent and Easter, God has renewed his people. He has called us back from sin and death; he invites us to remain close to Jesus. We are to let the teachings of Jesus—his love for others, his readiness to serve, his strong stand for what is pleasing to God—become an important part in our life. The Lord Jesus is always with us to help us.


Lord Jesus, our brother,
we love you.
Help us to love you more.

Have mercy on all your people
who have been baptized in your name.
Stir up your Spirit in our hearts,
and teach us to keep your commandments,
to carry our daily cross with you,
and to see you in all we meet.

Lord Jesus,help us to be your Easter people today.

Holy Mary,
pray for the people of God. Amen!


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