Material for the 50th anniversary of the Decree on Ecumenism – Unitatis Redintegratio

Friday, June 27 2014

Ecumenical CrossThe Commission for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is preparing a series of resources to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Unitatis Redintegratio. The actual date that the Decree on Ecumenism was issued by the Second Vatican Council was November 21, 1964. However, the Commission is releasing the following anniversary resources now, to assist dioceses, parishes, institutes and communities of consecrated life, and other groups begin planning their own celebrations of the Decree:

A message from CCCB President Archbishop Paul-André Durocher on the significance of the 50th anniversary of the Decree; (PDF)
A listing of excerpts from Unitatis Redintegratio, intended for reprinting in church bulletins and on diocesan or parish websites for each Sunday from October 5 to November 23; (in English and French)) (PDF)
-Four parts of an ecumenical prayer service, prepared under the guidance of the Commission and the National Liturgy Office, entitled “Pilgrims Together: Celebrating Christian Unity” – (PDF Files)
a) The Planning Guide,
b) The Introduction, intended as a handout for those participating in the prayer service,
c) The material for the Presiders of the prayer service,
d) The material for the Assembly gathered for the prayer service.

This September, the Commission will release two additional resources to celebrate the anniversary of Unitatis Redintegratio: a shorter, popular version of a text entitled A Church in Dialogue, and also a longer, academic version. The popular version will be published and sold by CCCB Publications in booklet form, intended especially for parish and group use. The academic version will be available on the CCCB website for downloading.