Moments of Silence

Wednesday, October 04 2006

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Noise: In our modern life, noise is all around us: radio, TV, earphones, piped in music, wrap around sound. Too much noise is a form of pollution that can damage our hearing in some cases; worse still, constant noise can keep us too busy at a low level, gradually distracting us, ruining our taste for better things, keeping us from serious thinking, and making our prayer life more difficult.

Getting away from noise: We have to work to provide ourselves with some moments of silence in our lives. Plan at least ten minutes alone each day, with no radio or TV, in quiet. If outdoors, look at the clouds or plants; inside, watch a plant grow, or just close your eyes.

Time to listen: Learn to use these moments of silence to listen:

Benefits: We need some moments of silence in our life each day, so that we can hear what is truly important and keep a balance in our living, which is increasingly active. Silent moments give us needed time to breathe.

At Mass

Silence is important and necessary in every good celebration of the liturgy.

Before we begin, it is always helpful to pause for a moment of quiet reflection and prayer. We are here because God our Father has called us together as beloved children. We are here to praise God and pray for the world.

Penitential rite: At the beginning of Mass, the priest invites us to remember that we are weak and in need of God’s saving strength. In silence, each of us may ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness. We need his help to be more faithful in following him each day.

“Let us pray” — As the priest begins the opening prayer, he invites us all to join in a time of silent prayer. As individuals, we ask God for our personal needs and pray for all the people on earth. As members of this praying community, we listen as the priest offers the prayer in our name. Then he concludes by offering it to the Father, through Jesus our Lord, in the Holy Spirit. We approve of the prayer by our Amen! — yes, we agree!

Readings: During the readings, we listen with faith as the readers proclaim them with conviction. After each reading, a significant moment of silence should be observed. We need time to pause and absorb some of the echoes of God’s word, to let it penetrate into our hearts and lives, to let the Spirit speak to each one of us. Calm reflection on what we have heard, and prayer for ourselves, for others, and for the Church are beneficial for all.

In Liturgy

Homily:The homily is to be a prayerful reflection on God’s word for this community of God’s people. Faith is deepened by a moment of silence after the preaching.

Communion: During communion time, there is a balance between community song and silence. In the communion procession, we sing together (usually through a simple refrain) as we come to eat the bread of life and drink the cup of salvation. Some moments of silence follow for individual reflection and prayer. Then the community may join in singing a psalm or song of praise.

After the celebration: During the rest of the day and the week, we are invited to reflect on the readings and on the meaning of what we do when we celebrate Mass together. Some people look over the readings and the responsorial psalm during the week and let the Lord speak to them anew.

We need to remember the meaning of silent moments in the liturgy: they are not “wasted” minutes or mere “pauses” in the action, but important times for personal prayer within the community’s worship.

When liturgy is celebrated without adequate times of silence and reflection, it becomes much less effective and can seem hurried. Good liturgy needs a number of silent moments for the benefit of all.

In Our Prayer

Both in our personal prayer and in our family prayer, we can benefit from some of these moments of silence:

In our prayer, we need to be attentive to God’s action, to see it with eyes of faith. We thank God for the good gifts showered on us, and ask for strength to carry our cross with Jesus. We ask for the courage and light of the Spirit to guide our steps each day.

In Our Life

Begin now: Each day, take a few moments to be silent:

Be silent, be open, and let God speak in your time of prayer.

Father, teach us to be silent:
to listen to your Spirit,
to hear your voice and heed it,
to have time to reflect.

Father,we ask this grace
through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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