Faith & Moral Issues

The Church’s mission of proclaiming the Gospel in the contemporary world often raises pastoral questions and concerns which must be adequately addressed at the national level. For this reason, the Code of Canon Law has assigned certain areas to the common discernment and teaching of the Bishops, including safeguarding the integrity of faith and morals. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, through its Episcopal Commission for Doctrine and its other National Episcopal Commissions, as well as through its President, Executive Committee, Permanent Council or Plenary Assembly, issues public statements, resources and pastoral letters to provide guidance on doctrinal and moral questions facing the Catholic faithful in Canada. These are intended to teach, clarify and therefore maintain, in communion with the successor of Peter, the integrity of faith and moral doctrine in the face of rising challenges and contrary ideologies.

Church Teachings

Family and Life

Health Care

Suffering and End of Life

Senior Advisor and Commission Secretary

Patrick Fletcher, Ph.D.

Theology and Social Doctrine


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