Family and Life

2013 National Week for Life and Family

May 12-19, 2013

Suggested Resources and Options

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is providing the following suggested resources and options for the National Week for Life and the FamilyMay 12-19, 2013. Each diocese in Canada will be deciding how it may wish to adapt or use these suggestions and options, depending on its specific needs, resources, and priorities.

The theme for this year’s Week is The Family: Facing life’s challenges together with Christ. The following resources are currently available on the CCCB life and family webpage.

Dioceses, parishes and other non-profit groups can freely download the artwork of the proposed poster and prayer card / bookmark in order to print the total number of copies needed. The dimensions of the poster can be adjusted to the size that dioceses or parishes find most practical. It is the responsibility of institutions or groups using the materials to comply with the following conditions for use of the BRADI BARTH painting of the Holy Family:

  1. The name “BRADI BARTH” and “©” must be clearly noted under the image.
  2. Copies of this image are not to be sold. For commercial purposes, please contact BRADI BARTH –www.bradi-barth.ogus.
  3. The use of this image is limited to this printing. The image may not be used directly or indirectly for any other application. Use of other versions of this image, scanned or otherwise copied, is strictly prohibited.
  4.  The image must be reproduced in its whole, without omission or cutting. Colour and/or quality deviation, as well as overprinting on the picture, areprohibited.

The promotion and activity suggestions for the 2013 National Week for Life and the Family were prepared by the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF). These suggestions can be adapted or used in whatever way is practical for local needs, or other plans and activities substituted instead.

Background information on the vision and purpose of the National Week for Life and the Family is available in a CCCB document entitled “Elements of a National Pastoral Initiative for Life and Family”.