Family and Life

National Family and Life Week

To love one another is to see the face of Christ in every person, beginning with our families. To love one another recognizes a person’s inestimable dignity and worth. To love one another is our shared need for unfailing tenderness, kindness, compassion and care.

National Family & Life Week (NFLW), May 7-14, 2023, is an invitation from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to the faithful in Canada to celebrate the joy and beauty of family and life by seeking out new and creative ways to live out this call in our daily lives. The NFLW theme is Jesus’ words, “Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another” (John 13:34). Love is at the heart of familial relationships and our families are a communion of love in Christ. We are “guardians of life” when we love one another within our families, as well as in wider society when we show kindness toward and care for the vulnerable and marginalized.

Explore the Pastoral Toolkit provided below, which proposes daily resources for homes, parishes, and faith communities. Let us spend NFLW 2023 united in prayer, reflection, and action, demonstrating our active support for family and life. May this special focus on family and life be a springboard for renewed pastoral action in support of families throughout the entire year!


Message from the CCCB President
Suggestions for use:

  • Download and distribute the PDF across the diocesan and parish network, including Catholic universities, schools, or other relevant institutions
  • Share with Catholic family groups, ecclesial movements and associations
  • Include a copy in parish bulletins or post the text on your website


Daily Prayers and Activities for Families and Parishes
Suggestions for use:

  • Print copies and distribute them to parishioners and families after mass
  • Share it digitally with family faith groups, ecclesial movements and associations
  • Invite families to sign up for a daily email during NFLW 2023
  • Facilitate a daily online session with other families to pray and discuss the activities


Catechesis for Families and Parishes
Suggestions for use:

  • Tool for discussion during catechetical and faith formation contexts
  • Ideal for groups with young people, couples, families
  • Insert in the parish bulletin or handout after mass leading up to and in preparation for NFLW 2023


Social Media Campaign of Related Saints
Suggestions for use:

  • Share the daily saint images on your social media account (personal, parish, group, diocesan)
  • Image sizes ready for Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter
  • Consider using the suggested post text on your social media accounts found under “Guidelines for use”
  • Use the official hashtag #NFLW2023 and like other #NFLW2023 posts
  • Invite others in your faith community to share on their social media pages


Pastoral Suggestions for Mass
Suggestions for use:

  • Distribute to clergy and parish leaders
  • Includes a homily idea and suggestions for the Prayers of the Faithful


Communications Toolkit
Suggestions for use:

  • For webmasters and communication officers
  • Official logo files, style guide, webpage banner, press release, and more


Download the Full Pastoral Toolkit