Family and Life

2017 National Week for Life and Family

The National Week for Life and the Family is an initiative of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The theme of the Week for 2017 focuses on: “Love Grows by Giving.” This year’s resources were developed by the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF).



1. Review the Plan.

2. Choose the Sunday on which your parish will celebrate the family (May 14 or 21).

3. Print copies of the poster and put them up in different locations in order to promote the “Week”.

4. Call the faithful to prayer for the family sometime in April and distribute the prayer card (available on the website and printed in advance).

5. Promote the “Week” in the parish bulletin.

A Letter from the President of the CCCB

1. Print out and copy the letter from Bishop Douglas Crosby, O.M.I., to Catholic families for distribution after Mass.

2. The letter can also be read after Mass.

The Eucharist

1. On the Sunday chosen to celebrate the family (either), decorate the church to reflect Joy and Love, and involve families (including grandparents) in the celebration.

2. Consult the suggested homily notes and use them as you see fit.

3. Use the suggested Prayers of the Faithful (perhaps asking members of a family to lead them).

Events and Activities

1. Print out the “Suggested Events and Activities” sheet for distribution after mass.

2. Introduce those suggestions after Mass and encourage families to participate.

3. Decide on a parish activity to celebrate the family (see suggestions), organize and promote the event.

"The Joy of Love" at the Heart of the Family

1. A gift for your parishioners! Order advance copies of this publication from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family ( or 613.241.9461, ext. 161).

2. Distribute at the end of Mass.

“The Joy of Love” at the Heart of the Family