Health Care

Pastoral Care of the Sick, Frail, and Dying

Bishops are inspired by the Gospel as well as by human concern to imitate the Good Samaritan, caring for every suffering person with great mercy and compassion. As supporters of heath care institutions and the spiritual care of the sick, frail, and dying within their dioceses/eparchies, Bishops bring into clearer focus for every person the image of Jesus, healer of body and soul. They are charged in a special way to defend human life in the areas of biogenetic engineering; to promote palliative care and to oppose euthanasia; to support expectant mothers and new life and to oppose abortion; to ensure access to the sacrament of the anointing of the sick and Viaticum, without neglecting the sacrament of penance; to support the witness of consecrated persons, professionals and volunteers who devote their lives to health care; and to instruct priests, deacons and pastoral workers to be spiritually attentive to those parishioners who are suffering in body and mind.