Brother Richard Joyal, S.M., shot to death in Haiti

Monday, May 06 2013

Father Gérard Blais
5020 Clément Lockquell
Saint-Augustin-de Desmaures, QC
G3A 1B3

Dear Father Blais,

It is with regret that the Catholic Bishops of Canada learned that Brother Richard Joyal was killed last Thursday while exiting a bank in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. On behalf of my brother Bishops, I wish to express my sincere condolences to the colleagues, friends and family of Brother Joyal, and to assure you of our prayers. The Marianist community can count on our fraternal support as you continue your mission despite this horrendous act.

May the message of hope that we proclaim through this Easter season bring courage and determination to your religious community.

With the assurance of my prayers for God’s blessing on your work and witness, I remain,

Fraternally yours in Our Lord,

+Richard W. Smith
Archbishop of Edmonton and
President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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