COLF Letter to the Minister of Health Regarding the Abortion Pill, RU-486

Thursday, March 25 1999

The Honourable Allan Rock
Minister of Health
Brooke Claxton Building
Postal Locator 0916A
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0K9

Dear Mr. Rock,

Re:  The Abortion Pill, RU-486

Our organization is very troubled by media reports that your department has taken the initiative in contacting the manufacturer of the abortion pill RU-486 to explain the drug approvals process.

We strongly oppose the introduction of RU-486 into Canada because this pill is not a therapeutic drug but one which destroys the unborn child and has serious health risks for women.
While the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the abortion law in 1988 because of procedural flaws, it also clearly recognized that the state has an interest in the unborn child that relates to a pressing and substantial concern in a free and democratic society.
Should the Government take an active role in promoting abortion by approving clinical trials of this deadly pill, it will not only deeply offend the consciences and religious sensibilities of millions of Canadians but also fail in its duty to protect those, be they unborn or born, who cannot protect themselves.
We shall be watching this matter very closely.
XMost Rev. Adam Exner, OMI
Archbishop of Vancouver
Catholic Organization for Life and Family