COLF Supports Restoring the Traditional Definition of Marriage

Friday, December 08 2006

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) takes notice of the motion put forward by the Harper Government regarding the reopening of the debate on civil marriage. As the vote on this motion will take place very rapidly, COLF hopes that Canadians will seize this last opportunity to contact their MPs and encourage them to take this step towards restoring the traditional definition of marriage.

At this moment in Canadian history, it may seem simpler to turn the page and to forget past controversies. However, a great number of citizens continue to be concerned about the redefinition of marriage and consider that we have paid too little attention to its impact – particularly upon children.

In the true spirit of democracy, the House of Commons should once again consider this question. Following the example of the French National Assembly, the Canadian government should commission a serious study of the foreseeable consequences of the radical transformation we have imposed on one of our most fundamental social institutions.

Last September, COLF wrote to all MPs, asking them to reopen the debate and expressing regret that the “hasty adoption” of Bill C-38 prevented the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights from presenting its report, after having consulted Canadians from coast to coast. This report would provide a timely insight into the real position of our fellow citizens on the issue of marriage.

COLF is co-sponsored by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Supreme Council of the Knights of Colombus. It promotes respect for human life and dignity, and the essential role of the family.

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