Death of Former Primate of Anglican Church of Canada: Condolences from the CCCB President

Monday, June 28 2004

Most Reverend Andrew Hutchison
Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 3G2

Dear Archbishop Hutchison:

On behalf of the Roman and Eastern Catholic Bishops of Canada, I write to express our condolences on the death last week of the Most Reverend Edward Scott, former Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Archbishop Scott will long be remembered by all Canadians as a tireless champion of human rights and social justice. Many members of our Conference of Bishops recall his leadership among the Church leaders who toured Canada in 1973 and created “Ten Days for World Development”, as well as his impassioned involvement in struggles against apartheid and in favour of Aboriginal social justice. As he wrote in the Foreword to his biography earlier this year, “The road of the Spirit of truth and justice starts at the margins, among the historically oppressed and powerless, and those in solidarity with them.”

His vision of Christian social ministry included a deep commitment to developing ecumenical avenues for advancing the Gospel imperative that all Christians be one in Christ. Nowhere was this more evident than in his eight years of generous service as Moderator of the World Council of Churches, from 1977 until 1983. His leadership in ecumenical social justice initiatives was a powerful witness to how working in common toward justice and peace can be a unifying ministry among all Christians.

Please convey to the family, colleagues and many friends of Archbishop Scott the assurance of our prayers, and to your brother bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada our deepest sympathies.

Sincerely in Christ,

+ Brendan M. O’Brien
Archbishop of St. John’s
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops