Greetings to the United Church of Canada on the 85th Anniversary of its founding

Thursday, June 10 2010

On behalf of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, it is my pleasure to extend to you my fraternal greetings on this 85th anniversary of the founding of the United Church of Canada. Since the coming together in 1925 of members and congregations from the Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian faith communities, the United Church of Canada has continued to focus on bringing Christians together, and proclaiming the liberating message of the Gospel. In our society you are recognized as a strong witness to the love and compassion of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church in Canada has been in formal dialogue with the United Church since 1974, exploring and discerning how the Holy Spirit is moving within our communities. We are grateful for the openness and good efforts of this dialogue. We have also greatly valued collaboration with you in the Canadian Council of Churches, and in various other ecumenical ventures.

As we all face the many challenges of our global society today and into the future, we do so with hope, built on the solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are called to “account for the hope that is in us” (see 1 Peter 3.15). So that we can be empowered to move forward, may God grant us the grace to do so ever more united in the Body of Christ.

My prayers and best wishes.


Most Reverend Pierre Morissette
Bishop of Saint-Jérôme
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops