Humanitarian Crisis in Lebanon: Message from the Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Sunday, July 23 2006

Day after day, the media reveal to us the ongoing escalation of violence in the Middle East, which particularly affects the civilian population in Lebanon.

A serious humanitarian crisis is taking place. As a result of the massive displacement of people, the destruction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, runways, power supply facilities, services and communication centres, hundreds of thousands of innocent people are victims of this war. They risk hunger, thirst and sickness in temporary shelters.

We ask the Government of Canada to take concrete measures to express the compassion of the Canadian people towards all the evacuees, particularly those in Lebanon, by setting up a substantial emergency fund to help alleviate this humanitarian crisis. We also ask the Government to intervene decisively to ensure that humanitarian aid is delivered.

We must also emphasize strongly that it is imperative that international conventions be respected by all parties and that all violence and reprisals against innocent and defenseless populations cease.

Concerted and effective international action is urgent in order that a ceasefire be achieved as soon as possible. Dialogue and mediation – important values that define our society – must guide Canada in its efforts to help resolve this conflict.



Most Reverend Roger Ébacher
Archbishop of Gatineau
President of the Human Rights Committee

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