Reaction of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family to the Adoption of Bill C-38

Wednesday, June 29 2005

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) is disappointed and very concerned by the adoption of Bill C-38 by the House of Commons, on June 28, 2005.

COLF is disappointed that the Legislative Committee responsible for this bill handed in its report less than 48 hours after hearing the last witness invited to participate in an audience; it says much about the Committee’s interest in the words of those individuals and groups who came in good faith to express their differing views and propose valuable amendments to Bill C-38. COLF is also worried about the negative impact such a redefinition of marriage will have on Canadian society.

We therefore turn to the members of the Senate in the hope that they will put a check on the on-going political process that is pulling our country in a direction contrary to public interest.

The common good demands that Canadian law maintain the natural and historical definition of marriage. That it recognizes the unique value of marriage between a man and a woman whose relationship is based on self-giving love, openness to the other and complementary on the sexual, psychological and symbolic levels. This kind of union merits a particular recognition and protection from the State because its natural potential for giving life to new citizens serves the good of society.

We are also very troubled by the lack of consideration of this bill for the needs of Canadian children, who are best nurtured by a mother and a father. Children have the right to know their biological parents and to be educated by them. We know the suffering of many who are deprived of this possibility. Mother and father play different and complementary roles with their children. This complementarity and educational interaction between mother and father are crucial to the children’s growth, and to the formation of their personality.

If Bill C-38 becomes law, some children will grow up with two partners of the same sex, while other children, being brought up by a mother and a father, will see school and society at large propose a vision of marriage that is contrary to the nature of things.

This distortion of the natural institution of marriage written into Bill C-38 will have a negative impact on all families.  An alarming perspective when you know that “the future of humanity passes through the family”, as said Pope John Paul II.

Because the family is the foundation of society, the health and stability of families impact directly on the health and stability of society. Canadian statistics show that the relationship between a man and a woman committed to each other in marriage is the most solid basis for a family.

Finally, in spite of the amendments added to the original text of Bill C-38 by the House of Commons, we are still very concerned about the freedoms of conscience, religion and expression of parents, teachers, preachers and other Canadian citizens who disagree with the vision of marriage that the government seems determined to impose on all of society. We fear that they will be victims of discrimination and of unwarranted legal proceedings for educating, teaching and preaching in agreement with their faith and conscience.

For all these reasons, COLF insists with the members of the Senate that they propose amendments to Bill C-38 to counter the dramatic erosion of the matrimonial institution in Canada by preserving its historical definition as the societal norm.

COLF Board of Directors

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