Statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in response to an article published on 9 April 2010 by the Globe and Mail

Friday, April 09 2010

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) cannot offer any comments on a communication that took place between one of the Bishops of Canada and the Apostolic Nuncio 17 years ago, as this is beyond the competence of the Conference.

The Bishops of Canada for many years have been working tirelessly to implement and update diocesan protocols to prevent cases of sexual abuse and to respond to concerns about sexual abuse in each of the respective dioceses in this country. For many years, the position of the Catholic Bishops of Canada has been clear on these heinous crimes. In the fall of 1992, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops published its document From Pain to Hope, recommending that Bishops respond fairly and openly to allegations of sexual abuse, offer assistance to victims, and respect the jurisdiction of civil authorities.

As practices continue to evolve in Canadian society in order to respond better to sexual abuse, so also the Bishops continue to work on and improve their diocesan protocols, remaining even more determined than ever to provide children with a safe environment.

No interviews will be granted.

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