National Bulletin on Liturgy

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Number and Title of Each Issue of the National Bulletin on Liturgy
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000    Complete Index, 1965-2004

Titles of Each Issue
Bulletin of the National Commission on Liturgy (1965-1966)

001    New Liturgical Chants of the Roman Missal (April 6, 1965)

I. Central Part of the Canon
II. Doxology of the Canon
III. Hanc Igitur of Holy Thursday (For the Mass of the Lord’s Supper)
IV. Hanc Igitur for Easter

002    Third Decree-Vernacular in the Liturgy; Decree-Reading of the Gospel of the Passion (April 7, 1965)

1. Third Decree of the Canadian Episcopate concerning use of the vernacular in the Liturgy
Article I – Holy Week
Article II – Blessings and Processions
Article III – Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Forty Hours
Article IV – Divine Office
2. Variation for Holy Week
I. Changes in the Holy Week rubric
II. Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites
III. Good Friday Prayer of the Faithful Latin
3. Decree: Reading of the Gospel of the Passion and Death of the Lord

003    Communion under Both Kinds (General Decree); The Rites of Mass, Concelebration (April 10, 1965)

1. General Decree
2. The Rite to Be Observed in the Concelebration of Mass:
The Rite of Pontifical Mass
The Rite of Solemn Mass
The Rite of Mass with a Deacon
The Rite of High Mass (Missa Cantata)
The Rite of Recited (Low) Mass
The Concelebration of Mass in Which Priestly Ordination Is Conferred
The Concelebration of Mass in Which Episcopal Consecration Is Conferred
The Concelebration of Mass in Which an Abbot Is Blessed
The Rite of Concelebration for Priests who are Ill
3. The Rite to Be Observed in the Distribution of Communion under Both Kinds
I. The Rite of Communion under Both Kinds when the Communicants Drink Directly from the Chalice
II. The Rite of Communion under Both Kinds by Intinction
III. The Rite of Communion under Both Kinds with a Straw
IV. The Rite of Communion under Both Kinds with a Spoon

004    The Rites of Mass (Ordo Missae and Ritus Servandus) (May 1965)

1. The Rite to be observed in the Celebration of Mass (Ritus Servandus):
I. The Preparation of the Celebrant
II. The Celebrant’s Approach to the Altar
(Ordo Missae)
III. The Beginning of Mass
IV. The Antiphon to the Introit, Kyrie, Eleison, and Gloria in Excelsis
Rite for Incensing the Altar
V. The Collect
VI. The Epistle, Gradual, and Other Parts up to the Offertory
VII. The Antiphon to the Offertory and Other Parts Up to the Canon
VIII. The Canon of the Mass From the Preface to the Consecration
IX. The Canon after the Consecration
X. The Lord’s Prayer and Other Parts up to the Communion
XI. The Prayers after Communion
XII. The Blessing at the End of Mass
XIII. Things Which Are Omitted in the Mass of the Dead
XIV. Mass with a Deacon
XV. The Celebration of Two or Three Masses on the Same Day
2. Recapitulation of Changes in the Rubrics for Celebrating Mass
I. For all Masses (including those celebrated privately)
II. During Masses (sung or read) Celebrated in the Presence of the Faithful
III. At Solemn Masses and at Sung Masses

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Title Changed to National Bulletin on Liturgy

005    Nine Considerations During Liturgical Transition (September 1965)

1. Letter of Cardinal Lercaro on the Liturgical Renewal
2. National Council on Liturgy
3. Replies from the Consilium to questions about the liturgy
I. Instruction on the Liturgy
II. Miscellaneous
III. Ceremonies to Be Observed in the Celebration of Mass (Ritus servandus)
IV. Ordo Missae
V. Ritual of Concelebration
VI. Communion under Both Species

006    Encyclical Letter Mysterium Fidei (The Doctrine and Worship of the Holy Eucharist, December 1965)

LITTERAE ENCYCLICAE: Latin/English text of Mysterium Fidei
The Doctrine and Worship of the Holy Eucharist
Mysterium Fidei Symbol and Source of Perfect Unity
Replies from the “Consilium” to questions about the liturgy:
I. Instruction on the Liturgy
II. Ceremonies to Be Observed in the Celebration of Mass (Ritus servandus)
III. Ritual of Concelebration
IV. Miscellaneous

007    The Prefaces Approved for Canada

List of 22 Prefaces Approved for Canada
The Sung Mass in English
Fifth Decree of the Canadian Episcopate Concerning the Use of the Vernacular in the Liturgy
1. Chants of the Celebrant and Ministers
2. The Prefaces
3. Per Ipsum (Solemn Doxology)
4. The Lord’s Prayer
5. Embolism
6. End Of Mass

008    Decree-Vernacular in the Liturgy; Singing; Role of the Organ (February 1966)

1. Fourth Decree of The Canadian Episcopate Concerning Use of the Vernacular in the Liturgy
I. Prefaces
II. Divine Office
III. Lord’s Prayer
IV. Ritual
2. Recommendation of the National Council on Liturgy (Music Section):
A) The Singing of the Assembly at Mass
B) The Role of the Organ in the Eucharistic Celebration
3. Replies from the Consilium: The Prayer of the Faithful

009    Holy Week, Chants (March 1966)

Preface for Blessing of the Holy Oils
Preface for Holy Thursday: The Lord’s Supper
Preface for Easter
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Antiphon at the Unveiling of the Cross
Holy Saturday

009A    Index to Volume I of the National Bulletin on Liturgy

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume II (1966-1967)

010    Fifth Decree-Vernacular in the Liturgy; Statement-Liturgy of Penance; Decree-Holy Communion in Hospitals (Nov.-Dec. 1966)

1. Fifth Decree Concerning the use of the Vernacular in the Liturgy
2. Statement of the Episcopate on the Liturgy of Penance
3. Penitential Discipline in Canada
4. Decree Concerning the Distribution of Holy Communion in Hospitals
5. Feast of St. Joseph (date for 1967)
6. Replies from the “Consilium” to questions on the Liturgy
7. Address by Pope Paul VI to the “Consilium”
Consecutive Readings for Weekdays

011    Music in the Liturgy (April 1967)

1. Introduction and Commentary
I. Principles
II. Particularly Important Applications of certain principles
III. Problems Strictly Related to Music
2. Instruction On Music in the Liturgy: Preface
I. Some general norms
II. Those who take part in liturgical celebrations
III. Sacred music in the celebration of the Mass
IV. The singing of the Divine Office
V. Sacred music in the celebration of the Sacraments and Sacramentals, in special functions of the liturgical year, in celebrations of the word of God, and in popular devotions
VI. The language to be used in sung liturgical celebrations, and on preserving the heritage of sacred music
VII. Preparing melodies for vernacular texts
VIII. Sacred instrumental music
IX. The Commission set up for the promotion of sacred music
3. Explanatory Notes
Index: Instruction on Music in the Liturgy

012    Ordination Rite (May 1967)

1. The Tonsure
Minor Orders
2. The Rite of Ordination to the Subdiaconate
3. The Rite of Ordination to the Diaconate
Bestowal of the Office
4. The Rite of Ordination to the Priesthood
Special Prayers Included in the Mass of Ordination

013    Episcopal Decisions, Canadian Flag Formula, Penance Ritual (May 1967)

1. Decisions of the Canadian Episcopate
Interim Use of American Altar Missal
New Formula for Sacrament of Penance
2. Decisions of Episcopal Commission on Liturgy
Vernacular Ordo
Songs to Replace Proper Chants
Women in the Liturgy
Controlled experimentation in Liturgy
Experimental Funeral Rite
Vernacular Ordo
Pastoral Directory
Blessing of Canadian Flag
3. Formula for Blessing of the Canadian Flag
4. Ritual for the Sacrament of Penance
5. Commentary and Explanation
Explanation of new formula for Penance
A. Introduction
B. Accusation of Sins
C. Admonition and Penance
D. Absolution
E. Dismissal

014    The Funeral Rite for Adults, An Experiment (May 1967)

“An Experiment” According to the Instructions of the Post-conciliar Commission on the Sacred Liturgy
General Instructions
The Rite Itself
The Spirit of the Rite
Preparation of the People
1. Station at the Home or Funeral Home
2. Station at the Church
Liturgy of the Word
Prayer of the Faithful
3. Commendation and Farewell
4. Station at the Grave

015    List of Consecutive Readings for Weekdays (June 1967)

I. The Consecutive Readings in General
II. The Consecutive Readings from the Gospels
III. The Consecutive Readings from Other N. T. Books
IV. The Consecutive Readings from the O.T. Books
Rules for Use of Consecutive Readings According to Conditions Set Forth in the Decree of the “Consilium”
I. Gospel Readings
II. First Reading: New Testament Series
III. First Reading: Series from the Old Testament
Masses for the Dead
Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart

016    Implementing the Second Instruction on the Liturgy (June 1967)

1. Second Instruction for the Proper Implementation Of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
I. Choice of Mass Formularies
II. the Mass Orations
III. Changes in the “Ordo Missae”
IV. Special Circumstances
V. Changes in the Divine Office
VI. Changes in Offices for the Dead
VII. Sacred Vestments
VIII. The Use of the Vernacular
2. “The Second Instruction” A Commentary by A. Bugnini
3. Clarifications with respect to the “Second Instruction”
4. Changes to the Ordo Missae

017   Instruction on the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery

1. Recent documents of the Church concerning the Mystery of the Eucharist
2. The need to retain an overall view of the teaching contained in these documents
3. The principal points of doctrine in these documents
4. The general intention of this Instruction
Part I – Some General Principles of Particular Importance in Instructing the People in the Mystery of the Eucharist
5. What is required of pastors who are to give instruction about this mystery
6. The Mystery of the Eucharist as the centre of the entire life of the Church
7. The Mystery of the Eucharist as the focal point of the local Church
8. The Eucharistic Mystery and Christian Unity
9. The different modes of Christ’s presence
10. The Connection between the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist
11. The priesthood common to all the faithful and the ministerial priesthood in the celebration of the Eucharist
12. The nature of active participation in the Mass
13. The influence of the Eucharist on the daily lives of the faithful
14. Teaching children about the Mass
15. Catechesis of the Mass should take the rites and prayers as its starting point
Part II – The Celebration of the Memorial of the Lord
1) Some general norms regarding the celebration of the Memorial of the Lord in the community of the faithful
2) Celebrations on Sundays and weekdays
3) The Communion of The Faithful
4) The Celebration of The Eucharist in The Life and Ministry of Bishops and Priests
Part III – The Worship of the Eucharist as a Permanent Sacrament
1) The reasons for reserving the Eucharist; prayer before the Blessed Sacrament
2) Where the Blessed Sacrament is to be reserved
3) Eucharistic devotions
4) Processions of the Blessed Sacrament
5) Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
6) Eucharistic Congresses

018    The Canon of the Mass in English

1. Approbation of Provisional Translation of the Canon
2. Introductory Pastoral observations prepared by ICEL
3. Text of Roman Canon in English Translation
4. Translators’ Notes to the Text
5. Catechesis on the Canon of the Mass
The Structure of the Canon
Some Important Theological Observations
Praise and Sacrifice
The Memorial
The Gift of God
Pastoral Suggestions
6. Musical Settings for central portion of Canon, Doxology, and Final Blessing

019    Commentary on Instruction on the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery

Commentary on the Instruction on the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery
Commentary on the Instruction on the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery
Nature and Purpose of the Instruction
A Resume of Principal Points of the Church’s Belief in the Eucharist
Part I – General Principles for Catechesis of the Eucharistic Mystery
General Principles for Catechesis of the Eucharistic Mystery
The Eucharistic Celebration is the Core of the Church’s Existence
The Bond Which Links Liturgy of The Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist
The Celebration of The Eucharist in The Lord’s Presence
Active Participation of the Faithful in the Memorial of the Lord
Some Concrete Points
Part II – The Celebration of the Memorial of the Lord
I. Some General Norms Regarding the Celebration of the Memorial of the Lord in the Community of the Faithful
II. Celebrations on Sundays and Weekdays
III. The Communion of The Faithful
IV. The Celebration of The Eucharist in The Life and Ministry of The Bishop and The Priest
Part III – The Worship of the Holy Eucharist as a Permanent Sacrament
I. Reasons for Reserving the Eucharist Outside of Mass, and the Private or Individual Worship of the Eucharist
II. Where the Blessed Sacrament is to be Reserved
III. Eucharistic Devotions
IV. Processions of the Blessed Sacrament
V. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

020    Prayer of the Faithful (January 1968)

1. Directives of the Episcopal Commission on the Liturgy for the Prayer of the Faithful
2. Practical Directory
I. On the Nature and Purpose of the Prayer of the Faithful and its Pastoral Importance
II. The Parts and the Ministers of the Prayer of the Faithful
III. The Freedom to Be Observed in Using the Common Prayer
3. A History of the Common Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful
Some Specimen melodies for the Common Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful
4. Index to Volume II of the National Bulletin on Liturgy
5. Rectifications in Volume II

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume III (1968-1969)

021   Experimental Rite of the Baptism of Adults in Several Stages

Experimental Rite
Consilium Ad Exsequendam Constitutionem De Sacra Liturgia
The Christian Initiation of Adults
First Stage: The Enrolment of the Catechumen
Second Stage: Election
Third Stage: The Scrutinies and Presentations
Fourth Stage: The Rites of Immediate Preparation

022    The Baptism of Adults in Several Stages, Appendices on Experiments

Notes for Those in Charge of Experiments with The Order of Adult Baptism
Appendix I – Pastoral Norms (For Those in Charge of the Experiments)
I. The Context in Which the Baptism of Adults Is Inserted
II. Stages and Periods of the Catechumenate
III. Baptism Outside the Lenten-Easter Season
Appendix II – Practical Suggestions with Regard to Translation and Catechesis
I. Notes on Translation in General
II. Notes on Particular Words and Forms
III. Sources of the Text
Appendix III – Suggestions Concerning the Reports on the Experiments
1) The order for the enrolment of the catechumen
2) The period of catechumenate
3) The election
4) The scrutiny
5) The presentations
6) The rites of immediate preparation
7) The sacraments of initiation
8) The period of the mystagogia

023    Particular Lectionary, for Experimental use in the Dioceses of Canada

PARTICULAR LECTIONARY For Experimental use in the Dioceses of Canada
I. In Votive Masses of the Sacred Heart
II. In Masses in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated at places of Pilgrimages
III. In Masses of Confirmation
IV. In Ordination Masses
V. In Nuptial Masses
VI. In Masses of the Dead and Funerals of Adults
VII. In Funerals of Infants
VIII. In Votive Masses for Unity of Christians
IX. In Masses for Children and Young People
X. In Masses for Children and Young People
At Summer Camps (Scouts), 22 prayers

024    New Eucharistic Prayers

1. NEW EUCHARISTIC PRAYERS Guidelines for Catechesis of Faithful: 
Consilium Ad Exsequendam Constitutionem De Sacra Liturgia
New Canons in the Mass
Guidelines for the Episcopal Conferences for a Catechesis of the Faithful Concerning the Anaphoras of the Mass
2. NEW RITES for Ordination of Deacons, Priests, Bishops
1) Participation of the Faithful in New Rites
2) The Ordination of Deacons
3) Ordination of Priests
4) The Ordination of Bishops

025    Eucharistic Prayers and Prefaces

Texts, Melodies and Translator’s Notes 
Rules for the use of the Eucharistic Prayers and Prefaces
Eucharistic Prayer I
Eucharistic Prayer II
Eucharistic Prayer III
Eucharistic Prayer IV
Musical Notation
The Memorial Acclamations
Preface of Advent I
Preface of Advent II
Preface for Sundays in Lent
Preface for the Sundays of the Year I
Preface for the Sundays of the Year II
Preface of the Eucharist
Common Preface I
Common Preface II
Eucharistic Prayers
Eucharistic Prayer I (or Roman Canon)
Eucharistic Prayer II
Eucharistic Prayer III
Eucharistic Prayer IV
Notes to the Prefaces
Notes to the Text
Sources of the Prefaces
Eucharistic Prayers (Notes to the Text)
Eucharistic Prayer I
Eucharistic Prayer II
Eucharistic Prayer III
Eucharistic Prayer IV
Norms for Concelebration

026    The Ordination of Deacons, Priests and Bishops

Decree of Promulgation
Apostolic Constitution
The Ordination of Deacons
Liturgy of the Word
The Ordination of Deacons
The Liturgy of the Eucharist
The Ordination of Priests
Liturgy of the Word
The Ordination of Priests
The Liturgy of the Eucharist
The Ordination of a Bishop
Liturgy of the Word
The Ordination of the Bishop
The Liturgy of the Eucharist
Blessing of Episcopal Insignia
Readings for the Ordination Masses
Responsorial Psalms
Alleluia Verses

027    Liturgical Calendar for Canada

Instruction: The Interim Adaptation of Particular Calendars
New Classification of Liturgical Days
Liturgical Calendar for Canada: for interim use
1970 Feasts Omitted by the Accidental Occurrence of Feasts of a Higher Rank
Index to Volume III
National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume IV (1970)

028    Order of the Mass

Sacred Congregation of Rites Decree
Apostolic Constitution
Chapter I – Importance and Dignity of the Eucharistic Celebration
Chapter II – Structure, Elements, and Parts of the Mass
I. General Structure of the Mass
II. Different Elements of the Mass
III. Individual Parts of the Mass
Chapter III – Offices and Ministries in the Mass
I. Offices and Ministries of Sacred Orders
II. Office and Function of the People
III. Special Ministries
Chapter IV – Different Forms of Celebration
I. Mass with a Congregation
II. Concelebrated Mass
III. Mass Without a Congregation
IV. General Rules for All Forms of Mass
Chapter V – Arrangement and Decoration of Churches for the Eucharistic Celebration
I. General Principles
II. Arrangement of a Church for the Sacred Assembly
III. Sanctuary
IV. Altar
V. Adornment of the Altar
VI Celebrant’s Chair and Other Seats
VII. The Lectern for Proclaiming God’s Word
VIII. Places for the Faithful
IX. Choir, Organ, and Other Musical Instruments
X. Reservation of the Eucharist
XI. Images for the Veneration of the Faithful
XII. General Plan of the Church
Chapter VI – Requisites for Celebrating Mass
I. Bread and Wine
II. Sacred Furnishings in General
III. Sacred Vessels
IV. Vestments
V. Other Requisites for Church Use
Chapter VII – Choice of Mass Text
I. Choice of Mass
II. Choice of Individual Texts
Chapter VIII – Masses and Prayers for Various Occasions, Votive Masses and Prayers, Masses for the Dead
I. Masses and Prayers for Various Occasions and Votive Masses and Prayers
II. Masses for the Dead

029    Rite of Baptism for Children

Christian Initiation:
General Introduction
Baptism of Children
Chapter I – Rite of Baptism for Several Children
Chapter II – Rite of Baptism for One Child
Chapter III – Rite of Baptism for a Large Number of Children
Chapter IV – Rite of Baptism for Children Administered by a Catechist when no Priest or Deacon is Available
Chapter V – Rite of Baptism for Children in Danger of Death when no Priest or Deacon is Available
Chapter VI – Rite of Bringing a Baptized Child to the Church
Chapter VII – Various Texts for Use in the Celebration of Baptism for Children
Appendix: Litany of the Saints

030    The Rite for Celebrating Marriage

Importance and Dignity of the Sacrament of Matrimony
Preparation of Local Rituals
Right to prepare a Completely New Rite
Chapter I – Rite for Celebrating Marriage during Mass
Entrance Rite
Liturgy of the Word
Rite of Marriage
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Chapter II – Rite for Celebrating Marriage outside Mass
Entrance Rite and Liturgy of the Word
Rite of Marriage
Conclusion of the Celebration
Chapter III – Rite for Celebrating Marriage between a Catholic and an Unbaptized Person
Rite of Marriage
Conclusion of the Celebration
Chapter IV – Texts for Use in the Marriage Rite and in the Wedding Mass
I. Scripture Readings
II. Opening Prayers
III. Blessing of Rings
IV. Prayers over the Gifts
V. Prefaces
VI. Hanc Igitur
VII. Nuptial Blessing
VIII. Prayers after Communion
IX. Blessing at the End of Mass

031    Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (December 1970)

Commentary on Instruction
Extraordinary Ministers for Holy Communion
New Discipline for Canadian Dioceses
Document Fidei Custos
Three Different Situations
Instructing the Faithful
To Pastors
Instruction: Extraordinary Ministers for the Administration of Holy Communion
Appendix I – Rite to Be Used When a Minister Is Designated Ad Actum to Help the Priest Distribute Holy Communion During Mass
Appendix II – Rite to Be Used When an Auxiliary Minister Gives Communion in a Church or Chapel in The Absence of the Priest or Deacon
A. Opening of the Celebration
B. Celebration of the Word
C. Communion Celebration
Shorter Rite
Appendix III – Rite to Use When an Auxiliary Minister Gives Communion in the Home of the Sick
A. Opening of Celebration
B. Celebration of the Word
C. Communion Celebration
Shortened Rite
Appendix IV – Rite of Appointment of a Permanent Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist
I. When the rite is performed during Mass
II. When the rite is performed outside the Mass
Index to Volume IV

(No issues were published in 1971.)

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 5 (1972)

032    New Task, New Approach

Liturgical Year
Introduction Rites
Liturgy of Word
Liturgy of Eucharist
Belgian Bishop’s Statement
Concluding Rites
Bible Services
Lenten Penance Celebrations
Lenten Penitential Service
Spread the News
Popular Devotions
Ecumenical Aspects
Statement on the Eucharist
Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine
Collects and Readings
Canadian Hymnal
Wedding Music
Art and Architecture
Banners and Posters
First Sight
People in Liturgy
Parish Worship Committee
Planning Celebrations
Across Canada
Conference Organize
Toward A Native Liturgy
Around the World
? ? ? (Articles That Don’t Fit)
We Need a Name
Readers’ Response
Last Word

033    Ideas for Community Worship, The Work Goes On

Editorial: Ready-to-Serve
Grail Psalter
Funeral Rite
Opening Prayers or Collects
Preparing the Permanent Breviary
Liturgy Abroad
Prayer and Action
Teacher of Prayer
Simple Psalms
Liturgical Year
Waiting in Hope and Prayer
Sunday Observance
Respect for the Life Day – 1972
Advance Warning
Faith in God’s Spirit
Honor the Holy Spirit
Friday: Gone, or Still Here?
Last Testament of Pope John
Introductory Rites
Liturgy of the Word
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Concluding Rites
Bible Services
Peace and Justice
Final Prayers
Advent Penitential Celebration
Ecumenical Aspects
Sharing the Eucharist Soon?
Excellence for the Lord
People in Liturgy
Local Liturgy Committee
Auxiliary Ministers
It Can Be Done
Art and Architecture
A Sacred Kitchen Midden?
? ? ? (Other Notes)
Filing (issues of NBL)
Caught in the (Copyright) Act
Call to Unity, Solidarity and Love
Readers’ Response
Parish Bulletins
Last Word

034    Celebration and Growth

Editorial: What lies behind a good celebration?
Canadian Needs
Aid to Pastoral Renewal
In Days of Yore
Prayer Wheels, Teaching Children to Pray
Rooftops and Prayer
Travellers’ Prayer
Liturgical Year
Primacy of Sunday
Book Review: The Guide for the Christian Assembly
Home Masses
Mass Stipends
Creativity in Today’s Liturgy
Liturgy of the Word
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Concluding Rites
Bible Services
Preparing a Bible Service
Ecumenical Aspects
Mixed Marriages
Praying for Unity
National Hymnal
Guidelines for Music in the Liturgy
People in Liturgy
Parish Liturgy Committee
Renewal Program
Forming Lay Readers
Renewing Commitment
Liturgy in the Religious Community
? ? ? (Other Notes)
Seeing What we Have
I had a Dream
From the Past
Readers Respond
Room for Options
Further Thoughts
Sharing Ideas

035    Parish Liturgy Committees

Editorial: Ten years have passed…
Introductory Notes
Liturgy and Life
For Every Community
Role of the Parish
People of God
Parish Council
Spiritual Emphasis
Liturgy Committee
What Is Our Job?
Committee Members
Nine Questions
Adding Members
A Meeting Should
More on Meetings
Areas of Responsibility
Assigning Responsibilities
What Should We Do?
Work Areas
Auxiliary Ministers
Liturgy and Youth
Advent and Christmas
Weddings and Funerals
Daily Mass
Lent and Easter
Infant Baptism
First Communion
Nowhere near the End
A Pastor Comments
Practical Projects
Starting Point
Checklist for Sunday Liturgy
Reviving the Dead
Eleven Steps to Success
Growing on the Job
Learning by Doing
Growth in Prayer
Working as a Team
Other Ways
Special Communities
Building Community
Religious Communities
Diocesan Commissions
Diocesan Liturgical Commissions
Starting a Diocesan Commission
Readers Respond: Music for Weddings
Homily Series: Preparing the Sunday Homily
Last Word: Liturgy and Parish Councils

036    Advent and Christmas

Editorial: Slow down and Live
Introductory Notes
Happy New Year!
Suggested Uses (for the NBL)
A Plan for Jan.
Spirit of Advent
Welcome, Lord Jesus
Advent Spirit
Advent Sundays
Advent Bulletins
Saints for Advent
Joyful Preparation
Advent Bible Service
Sacrament of Penance
Advent Penance Celebration-1972
Examination of Conscience
Advent Next Year
For Discussion
Liturgical House Cleaning
Daily Nourishment
Christmas Spirit
Parish Bulletin
Fifty Weeks of What?
For Discussion: Three Christmas Masses?
Holy Family
End and Beginning
New Year’s Day
Peace Day
Youth Masses?
Baptism of the Lord
Penance Celebrations-1973
Other Celebrations 
Prayer for Unity
Blessing Throats
Homily Series
Form of the Homily
Valuable Resources
Other Notes
Texts: Reformed Rites
Book Review: Repent and Believe
Interview Evangelism: What Is the Future?
Index to Volume Five [1972]

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 6 (1973)

037    Taking Lent Seriously

Editorial: Led by the Spirit
Introductory Notes
Still Valid
No Competition
Our Lenten Task
Double-barrelled Season
Preparing for Easter
Baptismal Features of Lent
Banners and Posters
Penitential Features of Lent
God’s Wishes
Time of Conversion and Renewal
Sunday: a Day of Meditation
Closer Attention to God’s Word
More Ardent Prayer
Pastoral Letter
Desert Spirituality
Sacrament of Penance
Sacrament of Penance
Penance Celebration – Lent 1973
Penance Celebration Outline
Examination of Conscience
Where Are They Now?
Preparing for Lent
Ashes for Everyone?
Do We Need It?
Countdown for Lent
Themes or Programs for Lent
Holy Week
Week of Faith
Music for Holy Week
Passion Sunday
Messianic Entrance
Reading of the Passion
Other Preparations
Sacred Triduum
Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Washing of the Feet
Eucharistic Procession
Good Friday
Dramatic Liturgy
Music and Singing
Paschal Fast
Making the Stations
Arrayed in Splendor
Easter Vigil
Darkness and Light
Service of the Word
Baptismal Liturgy
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Easter Season
Ascension and Pentecost
Every Sunday
Texts: Oils and Chrism
Blessing of Oils and Consecration of the Chrism
Other Notes
Homily Series: Homily Preparation
Bible Stories: Tell Me a Story
Readers Respond: Stipends

038    Growth in Liturgy

Editorial: Not Down but Up
Bound to Make Progress
Anointing of the Sick
Same Holiness
What’s New in Liturgy?
Prayer and Liturgy
Glory to the Lord
Devotion to Mary
Growing in Personal Prayer
Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgical Year
Rewards of Easter Cycle
Rhythm of the Year
And Apostolic Too
When a Christian Prays
Calendar Reform
Celebrating Special Events
Late Entry
Read with Emphasis
Blessing and Prayers
Community Masses
Our Lady’s Saturday
Your Appraisal, Please
Let Silence Be Heard
Prayers for Good Harvests
Ordination Anniversaries
For Discussion
True Center
Educators in the Faith
General Absolution
Bible services
Celebrating the Easter Season
More Participation
Creative Creed
Getting to Know You
Please Stand
Spiritual Helps
People in Liturgy
Liturgy and the Handicapped
General Notes
Parish Bulletins
What about Yours?
How Not To
Family Tradition
Guiding Vision
Index of Celebrations
Homily Series: Anglican Preaching
Scripture in the Church
Baptismal Names

039    Summer and Liturgy

Editorial: Eroding the Lord’s Day?
Liturgical Ministry
We Recommend
Progress Report
Bulletin Idea
Praying Together
Family Prayer
Have You Read?
Liturgical Year
When Disaster Strikes
For Discussion
Sole Vs. Soul?
Liturgy of the Word
Sacraments: Rite of Confirmation
Apostolic Constitution on the Sacrament of Confirmation
Chapter I – Rite of Confirmation Within Mass
Chapter II – Rite of Confirmation Outside Mass
Chapter III – Rite of Confirmation by a Minister Who Is Not a Bishop
Chapter IV – Confirmation of a Person in Danger of Death
Chapter V – Texts for the Celebration of Confirmation
Bible Services
Shepherd Me
Bread of Life
Songs Are for Singing
People in Liturgy
Summer and the Committee
Dear Diocesan Commission
Other Notes
Sunday for the Shut-ins
Tradition and Progress
Homily Series: Dialogue Homily
Readers Respond

040    Called to Sing his Praise

Editorial: People of Praise
Pastoral Emphases
Eucharistic Prayers
Formed by the Word
Spirit of the Lectionary
Funeral Ritual Workshops
Move to the Back of the Bus
Autumn Prayer
Morning and Evening Prayer
One for the Road
End of the Day
General Absolution
Liturgical Year
Autumn Spirit
Mission Sunday
Celebrating the Saints
Thoughts for November 1
Helps in Prayer and Preaching
Dry Bones
Hip Hip Hallelujah!
Write it Out!
I Believe
General Intercessions
Summit and Source
Eucharistic Legislation
Altar of the Lord
Bible Services
Lectionary Benefits
Advent and Christmas
Ecumenical Aspects
Prayer for Unity
Working for Unity
Interfaith Marriages
People in Liturgy
A Good Reader
Help for Your Readers
Don’t Paint the Mountains!
A Time to Start
Homily Series
Preaching the Social Gospel
Other Notes
Celebrate Autumn
Foundations of Peace
These or Similar Words
Presence of the Lord
Zealous Pastors
Fostering Vocations
Final Doxology
Last Word: Go in the peace of Christ… to help build peace on earth

041    Advent Unlimited

A Word of Explanation
Spirit of Advent and Christmas
Origins of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany: Another Perspective
Patrons for Advent
Contemporary Devotion
The Coming Church and the Coming of Christ
Help for Your Liturgy Committee
Christmas and Hanukkah
Social Dimensions of the Advent Season
How to Prepare an Advent Kit
Music for Advent and Christmas
Lord’s Day Celebrations
A Festival of Lessons and Carols
An Ethnic Custom
Penance Celebration – Advent 1973
Introductory Notes
Celebration Outline
Family Customs 
Gifts and Giving at Christmas
All in the Family
Making a Crib
Second Thoughts
Index to Volume Six (1973)

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 7 (1974)

042    Call to Penance

Editorial: Penance Is for All Seasons
Penance Before Vatican II
Penance in Canada Today
Call to Penance
Christ’s Call
Redemptive Value
God’s Wishes
Social Dimensions
Benefits of Penance
Our Response
Attitude of Faith
Community Penance
Friday Is a Special Day
The Top Ten
Parents as Teachers
Lent Leads to Easter
A Good Beginning
Ash Wednesday
Five Days of Decision
Death and Rising
Call to Lenten Penance
Lenten Alms
Lent and the Holy Spirit
Peace and Development
Penance Celebration During Lent
Introductory Notes
Celebration Outline
Holy Week
Celebrating the Paschal Mystery
Easter Vigil
General Notes
Parishes and Families (Book Review)
For Your Consideration
Brief Reviews
On the Observance of Lent
Duplicating Copyright Music
Resources for the Liturgy Committee
Best in the World: Canada’s liturgical calendars
Resources for the Liturgy Committee

043    Sunday Belongs to the Lord

Editorial: Whose Day Is It?
Meaning of Sunday
Resurrection Day
God Assembles His People
Sunday Is the Day for Eucharist
Day of Joy and Rest
Sunday’s Story
Our Tradition: Some passages from the Didache (The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles)
Planning for Celebration 
Central Work of the Parish
Need of Serious Preparation
Preaching from the Lectionary
Always a Homily
But We Can’t Sing!
Music Workshops
Eroding the Lord’s Day?
Sunday Any Day?
“Those” Days
Sunday Observance
Mass for the People
Weddings and Funerals
Important Topic
General Notes 
In Their Place
Resources for Liturgy
New Ritual of Reconciliation
Care of the Sick
Book Reviews

044    People of Prayer

Editorial: Accept No Substitutes
Liturgy as Public Prayer
Praise and Prayer
Celebrating Liturgy
A Real Prayer of the Faithful
Sacraments Are Worship
Christ Prays to the Father
Public and Personal Prayer 
No Separation
Prayer’s Values
Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer
Prayer Through the Year
Visits Should Be Restored
Growth in Prayer 
Our Responsibility
Prayer and the Bible
Teaching People to Pray
Family Prayer
Prayer in the Canadian Catechism
Examine Your Conscience on Prayer
Preaching on Prayer
Parish Bulletin and Prayer
God Acts in Prayer
Helpful Books
Constant Concern: Prayer

045    Learning about Liturgy

Editorial: Liturgy
Room to Grow
What Is Liturgy?
Liturgy’s Impact
Underlying Principles
Parish Life and the Liturgy
This Parish Community
Important Liturgical Events
Working for Good Liturgy
Called to be People of Prayer
Teacher of Prayer
Prayer Life of the Parish
Day of the Lord
A Sunday Celebration
Little Ones at Mass
Sacraments of Faith
People in the Liturgy
Our Common Vocation
Bible and Liturgy 
Richness of the Word
Bible and Prayer
Bible Services
Time Is Sacred 
Year of Prayer and Praise
Mary and the Saints
Special Local Celebrations
Music in Liturgy
Facing Challenges
Learning about Liturgy 
Guided Course
Resources for Liturgy
Liturgy and Life
Living the Liturgy
Other Notes
Book Reviews
Next Issue
Advent Helps
Liturgy in Ireland

046    Celebration and Proclamation

Editorial: Why Should We Celebrate?
Sharing the Work
Separate Roles
But One Celebration
Of Chalices and Things
Words of Consecration Are Communication
Can I Go Too?
A Book for Celebration–the Sacramentary
Celebrating Reconciliation
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Penance Is a Joyful Celebration
Penance Celebration–Advent
Preparing for the New Rite
Book of the Word
Designing Training for Readers
Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 8 (1975)

047    Year of Praise

Editorial: Lord of All Ages
Celebrating in Time
Sacred Time
Our Liturgical Year 
Jewish Origins
Story of the Liturgical Year
Heart of the Year–Sunday
Christmas Cycle
Advent: Ready for His Coming
Easter Cycle
Primitive Pascha
Development of Lent
Holy Week
Palm Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Holy Week
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter–Vigil and Sunday
Easter Season–The Great Sunday
Fifty Days of Joy
Baptism and the Easter Season
Recent Reforms
Other Celebrations 
Ordinary Time
Martyrs and Saints
Days of Prayer and Penance
Future of the Liturgical Year
Penance Celebration–Lent 1975
Introductory Notes
Celebration Outline
Other Notes
Book Review
Helpful Reading

048    Liturgy and Life

Time for Positive Faith and Action
Ten Years of Service
Liturgy in Our Lives 
Background for Life and Liturgy
Pluralism and the Eastern Churches
Formation of the Laity
Penitential Psalms
A Fresh Look at Banners
Liturgical Studies
Eucharist—Source of Life
Homily–No Sign of the Cross
Daily Homily
Kiss of Peace
Three Days for Prayer
Communal Anointing of the Sick
Other Notes
New Books
Other Books of Interest

049    Blessed Be God and His Creation

Editorial: A Rich Christian Experience
A Place in Our Lives
Christian Development of Blessings
Who Gives a Blessing?
Designing a Blessing
We Bless God 
Using the Berakah
Model Blessings
Blessing People, Model Blessings
Blessing Places, Model Blessings
Blessing Things, Model Blessings
Helpful Reading
Half Century of Union

050    Reading God’s Word, the Lectionary

Editorial: This Is the Word of the Lord
Scripture and Liturgy
Scripture in the Liturgy
Lectionaries—Then and Now
Lectionary for Mass
Liturgy of the Word
Some Basic Principles
Sunday Lectionary
Weekday Lectionary
Sanctoral Lectionary
Lectionary for Other Masses
Using the Lectionary 
Preparation Is Essential
Celebrating the Liturgy of the Word
Home and School
Problems and Possibilities
Problems or Challenges?
Future Developments
Prayer and Study
General Notes
Attitudes Toward Creation
Prayer and Action for Vocations

051    Initiation

Editorial: My Chosen People–A Vision
History of Christian Initiation
New Testament Beginnings
Initiation in the Early Church
Disintegration–Decline and Fall
Christian Initiation of Adults 
Basic Norms
Restored Rite for Adults
Baptismal Guidelines
Christian Community
Yes, You Can! (Q&A)
Why Exorcise the Catechumen?
Practical Considerations
“Convert Instruction”
No Rebaptism
Baptism of Children
General Notes
Some Questions to Ask
Sunday Without a Priest
Liturgical Studies
Penance Celebration: Advent 1975
Introductory Notes
Celebration Outline
Blessing a Group of People
Blessing an Engaged Couple
Blessing for a Wedding Anniversary
Blessing of a Public Building
Other Notes
Pastoral in Scope
Praying with the Church
Time for a Second Look
Slow down and Cerebrate

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 9 (1976)

052    Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Editorial: Loved and Forgiven
History: Twenty Centuries of Development
New Testament
Christian Antiquity
Fourth to Sixth Centuries
Gradual Change lo Private Penance
Medieval Rites of Penance
From Fourth Lateran to Trent
From Trent to Vatican II
Beginning a New Era
Basic Truths
Sacrament of Penance
New Attitudes
Revised Rites of Reconciliation
Changing Over 
Formation of Conscience
Part One
Part Two: Problems of our times
Part Three: Fundamental basis for mature conscience
Part Four: Guides for Christian conscience
Part Five: Law and conscience
Other Notes of Importance
In the Light of His Word
Laying On of Hands
A Room for Reconciliation
Penance Celebration: Lent 1976

053    Ministries and Liturgy

Editorial: Serving with the Suffering Servant
Ministry: A Church Called to Serve
People of God
Four Major Documents
Present Ministries 
Ministry of Bishop
Ministry of Presbyter
Ministry of Deacon
Ministries of Reader and Acolyte
Lay Ministers of Communion
Religious–Dedicated to Ministry
Toward New Ministries 
Women in Ministries
Ministry of Liturgical Music
Ministry of Catechist
Ministering to the Sick and Aged
Many Possibilities of Service
Some Useful Resources

054    Story of the Mass

Editorial: Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Introductory Rites
Beginning the Celebration
Entrance Procession and Song
Signs of Reverence
Sign of the Cross
Penitential Rite
Replacing the Penitential Rite
Lord, Have Mercy
Glory to God in the Highest
Collect or Opening Prayer
Liturgy of the Word
Listening to the Word
First Reading
Silent Reflection
Responsorial Psalm
Second Reading
Gospel Acclamation
Profession of Faith
General Intercessions
Liturgy of the Eucharist
(A) Preparation of the Gifts
(B) Eucharistic Prayer
(C) Communion Rite
Concluding Rites
Other Notes
Helpful Reading
Teaching about the Mass
Brief Book Reviews
Against Theme Masses

055    Advent-Christmas

Editorial: Prepare and Celebrate
A Page of History
Advent Spirit
0 Antiphons
Suggestions for Advent Music
Seasonal Blessings
Teaching Aid
Penance Celebration for Advent
Introductory Notes
Celebration Outline
Christmas Season 
A Short History of Christmas
What Is the Spirit of Christmas?
Christmas Happens
Music in the Christmas Season
I Resolve
Continuing Importance
Family Custom
Other Notes
Eucharist: Story of the Mass
Books: Brief Book Reviews

056    Training Readers

Editorial: Faith and Proclamation
Introductory Notes
Scripture in the Church Today
Liturgy of the Word
Readers in Action
Role of the Reader
Preparing for the Celebration
Reader Training
Choosing Readers
Formation of Readers
Praying with the Scriptures
Reading in Other Celebrations
The Church’s Catechism
Resources for Readers
Installing Readers
Place of the Word
Other Notes 
Catholic Ministries Program
Penance Celebration – Lent 1977
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 10 (1977)

057    Rites for the Sick and the Dying

A Time for Prayer
Rites for the Sick 
(A) Experiencing Sickness
(B) Sickness Has Meaning
– History of the Sacrament of Anointing
(C) Revised Rites for the Anointing the Sick
– Ecumenical Perspective
(D) Pastoral Ministry to the Sick and Aged
– Charismatic and Sacramental Healing
Rites for the Dying
(A) Experience of Dying
(B) Meaning of Death and Dying
(C) Rites for the Dying
– Modern Science and Christian Rites
(D) Pastoral Ministry to the Dying
Other Notes
Brief Book Review: Liturgy
Penance Celebration: Lent 1977

058    Day by Day We Give Him Praise

Editorial: Pray Always
Christian Beginnings
Worshipping the One True God
Jesus–Man of Prayer
Prayer in the New Testament
New Forms of Prayer
Prayer of the Early Christians
Parish and Monastic Offices
Basic Elements in Common Prayer
Celebrating in Community
Moving Toward a Parish Office
Other Notes
Message on Charismatic Renewal
Brief Book Reviews
Classifying a Liturgical Library (Part I)
Prayer for All People

059    Celebrating Marriage

Editorial: A Sign of His Love
Christian Marriage Rites
Marriage Through the Ages
Developments in the Roman Liturgy
Our Present Rites
Preparing to Celebrate
Preparing the Christian Community
Spiritual Preparation for Marriage
Mixed Marriages
Continuing Pastoral Care
Celebrating Engagement
Preparing the Wedding Liturgy
Celebrating Marriage
Participants and Ministers
Music and Singing
Wedding Anniversaries
Other Notes
When Marriage Fails
Brief Book Reviews
Classifying a Liturgical Library (Part II)

060    Liturgical Preaching

Editorial: In Season and Out
Historical Background
Jesus Preaches God’s Word
Preaching in the Early Church
Preaching Through the Ages
Liturgy of the Word 
Liturgy of the Word Today
Christian Meaning of Preaching
What Is a Homily?
Sources for Peaching
Systematic Preaching from the Lectionary
Liturgical Year and Preaching
Outline of the Liturgical Year
Sunday: Day of the Lord
Easter Cycle
Christmas Cycle
Ordinary Time
Good Preaching Needs Preparation
General Preparation by the One Sent to Preach
Preparation by the ministers
Preparation by the hearers
Resources for Our Preaching
Primary Resources
Secondary Resources
Other Notes 
Gregorian Music in Today’s Liturgy
Vesture for Presiding at the Eucharist
Brief Book Reviews

061    Complete Index – 1965-1977

Introductory Notes
An Index to Our Resources
Bulletin Titles: 1965-1977
Statistics on Subscriptions
Penance Celebration: Advent
Introductory Note
Celebration Outline
Other Notes
Bulletins for 1978
A Fixed Date for Easter?
Index of Topics
Art and Architecture
Bible and Bible Services
Book Reviews and Descriptions
Canadian Notes
Children and Liturgy
Diocesan Liturgical Commission
Eastern Churches
Ecumenism and Liturgy
General Notes
Last Word
Liturgical Books
Liturgical Movement
Liturgical Year
Liturgies for the Dead
Liturgy Committee
Liturgy of the Hours
National Bulletin on Liturgy
National Council on Liturgy
Official Documents and Statements
Penitential Discipline
Postures and Gestures
Women in the Liturgy

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 11 (1978)

062    Liturgy and Devotion

Editorial: In Christ
Liturgy and Spirituality
Baptism: Basis of Our Spirituality
Worshipping God
Hearing the Living Word
Daily Reading of the Scriptures
Basic Spirituality 
Jesus Is Lord
Paschal Mystery in Our Devotion
Taking Part in the Eucharist
Other Eucharistic Devotions
Saints of God 
Blessed for All Ages
Those Who Follow Christ
Popular Devotions
Other Notes
Penance Celebration: Lent
Haiku Prayers

063    Children and Liturgy

Editorial: Let the Little Ones Come to Me
Preparing at Home
A Special Task
Privileged Moments for Prayer
Preparing Preschool Children for Prayer
Signs of Our Faith
A Book for God’s People
A Place for Prayer at Home
Morning and Evening Prayer
Growing in Prayer
Some Questions on Family Prayer
Preparing in the Parish 
Role of the Parish Community
Year of Praise and Prayer
Liturgies with Children 
Introducing the Mass to Children
Adult Liturgies with Children Present
Masses with Children
Other Celebrations with Children
Other Notes 
Brief Book Reviews
A Prayer for Parents
Haiku Prayers

064    Christian Initiation into Full Communion

Introduction: Call to Conversion
Initiation of Adults 
Stages in Christian Initiation
Catechizing Adults
The Faith We Teach
A Community Which Is Alive
Ministries in Action
Adapted Rites 
Preliminary Inquiry
Christian Formation
Final Preparation
Easter Vigil
Catechesis During the Easter Season
Other Rites 
Reception into Full Communion
Other Notes 
Continuing Pastoral Care
Basic Bibliography on Initiation
Brief Book Reviews
Blessing of Books
Work of the Liturgy
Haiku Prayers

065    Essays on Liturgy – I

Celebrating Eucharist 
Our Opened Treasure – The Sunday Eucharist
Posture and Preaching
Participation in the Eucharistic Prayer
Communion Bread: Significance or Expediency?
The Prayer after Communion
Sacraments and Prayer 
Christian Initiation in Tanzania
Ministry: Insights from the New Ordinal
Men and Women of Prayer
Singing the Psalms Today
Standing and Kneeling
Jesus Christ Is in the Sacraments
Other Notes
Survey on Family Prayer
Pope Paul VI, Faithful to the Council

066    Diocesan Commissions and Parish Committees

Editorial: Working for Better Worship
A Church of Prayer
People Called to Praise and Plead
A Church in this Place
Prayer Life of the Parish
Parish Liturgy Committee 
Role of the Worship Committee
Sacramental Celebrations
Sunday Eucharist
From the Sunday Greeting of Peace to Daily Life
Sunday Evening Prayer
Worship Committee in a Religious Community
Diocesan Commission 
Your Diocesan Liturgical Commission
Learning and Sharing
Liturgical Newsletters and Bulletins
Liturgy and Ecumenism
Basic Books
Auxiliary Ministers 
Rite of Commissioning
Rite of Commissioning Special Ministers
Rite of Commissioning a Special Minister of Holy Communion
Rite of Commissioning a Special Minister to Distribute Holy Communion on a Single Occasion
Rite of Distributing Holy Communion by a Special Minister
Biblical Texts for Use in the Rite Outside Mass
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Penance Celebration – Advent

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 12 (1979)

067    Planning Our Year of Worship

Editorial: Planning for Our Worship
Our Year of Praise
Liturgical Year
Planning the Year of Prayer
Planning Music
Who Does the Planning?
Planning the Church Year
Sunday Is the Lord’s Day
Christmas Cycle
Celebrating the Easter Cycle
Planning During Ordinary Time
Penance Celebration – Lent
Other Notes 
Public Manifestations of Piety
Brief Book Reviews
A Prayer for Teachers

068    Family Prayer

Editorial: “Two or Three Together”
Survey on Prayer
About Our Survey
When Do You Pray?
Describing Our Family’s Prayer
New Resources Requested
Some Praying Families
What this Survey Can Teach Us
Family Prayer 
Postures and Gestures in Our Prayer
A Teacher of Prayer
Some Models for Our Prayer
Spontaneous Prayer
A Family Calendar of Celebrations
Some Prayers for Children
Helping Families to Pray 
Some Essential Aspects of Family Prayer
Workshop on Family Prayer
Other Notes
Praying and Saying Prayers
Some Books on Family Prayer
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Courses in Pastoral Liturgy
Parents’ Prayer
Powerhouses of Prayer

069    Eucharistic Devotions

I. Roman Document—Decree
Eucharistic Worship
II. Celebrations
Celebration Outlines
Planning a Yearly Celebration
Visits Should Be Restored
III. Eucharistic Bread
National Council Resolution
Eucharistic Bread: Actual Food
Two Acceptable Recipes

070    Liturgical Year and Spirituality

Liturgy of Time
A Year for God
Day of the Lord
Strong Seasons
Lent Prepares Us for Easter
Holy Week and Easter Triduum
Easter Season
Meaning of Advent
Christmas Season
Ordinary Time
Other Celebrations
Morning and Evening Prayer
Mary and the Saints
Other Notes 
Our Spirituality Is Based on Baptism
Further References
Keeping Up to Date
Liturgical Year and Family Prayer
Brief Book Reviews

071    Sunday Eucharist

Source and Summit of Christian Prayer
Preparing for Sunday
Everyone Prepares to Celebrate
Silence Is Necessary!
Introductory Rites
Entrance Procession
A Variety of Rites
Opening Prayer
References on the Introductory Rites
Liturgy of the Word
Ministry of Reading
Proclaiming the Word of God
Preaching God’s Word
Responses in Song and Prayer
Further References on the Liturgy of the Word
Other Notes
Some General Observations
Working for a Better Celebration
Notes on an Advent Penance Celebration
Some Attitudes in Christian Prayer
A Preacher’s Prayer
Rules for Readers
“My Way”
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 13 (1980)

072    Music in Our Liturgy

Editorial: A New Decade of Worship
Music in the Liturgy
Eighty Years of Progress
Where Are We Now?
Meeting Our New Hymnal
Sunday Eucharist
Holy Week with CBW II
Other Celebrations
Morning and Evening Prayer 
A Full Celebration
Evening Prayer Throughout the Year
Celebrating Morning Prayer
Other Notes 
Music in past Issues
Brief Book Reviews
Courses in Pastoral Liturgy
Celebrating Lent and Easter
Thanksgiving for Music

073    Baptizing Children

Church and Baptism 
This Is the Church
Initiation into the People of Faith
We must Prepare for Baptism
A Parish Team
Meeting the Family
Group Meetings
Sharing the Christian Faith
Making an Important Decision
Celebrating Baptism 
Developing Our Celebration of Faith
Our Community Becomes Involved
Celebrating Baptism
Continuing Care 
We Continue to Teach
When Baptism Is Postponed
Sharing Some Practical Ideas

074    House of the Church

Introduction: Temples of God
Church—and Churches
We Are the Church
Church Buildings in Our History
Today’s Church — and Today’s Churches
Building for Celebration
Faith, Function, and Beauty
Place of the Community
Access for All
Font of Life
Place of the Word
Table of the Lord
Eucharistic Reservation
Building for Other Celebrations
Before We Change Our Church
For the Glory of God
Other Notes 
Brief Book Reviews

075    Praying the Psalms

“Our Hearts Were Burning”
Book of Psalms
Meeting the Psalter Anew
Dead Sea Scrolls
Many Types of Prayer
Psalms in the New Testament
Psalms as Christian Prayer
Praying Psalms Today
According to Their Types
Psalms in the Eucharist
Liturgy of the Hours
Psalms in Other Rites
Psalms During the Liturgical Year
Prayer Expressed in Poetry
Psalms Are for Singing
Personal and Family Prayer
Other Notes 
Resources on the Psalms
Brief Book Reviews

076    Worship 1980, Eucharist

Worship ’80
Eucharist as Celebration
Eucharistic Convergence
Canadian Liturgical Society
A Selected Bibliography
A Commentary on a Roman Instruction
Other Notes 
Gregorian Chant: Contemporary Prayer-song
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 14 (1981)

077    Sunday Eucharist – II

Editorial: Celebrating the Lord’s Day
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Brief Preparation
Heart of Our Celebration
Open to God’s Gifts
Concluding Rite
Final Ceremonies
Our Work Continues
Communion for the Sick
Living the Sunday Liturgy
Liturgy of the Hours
Other Notes
Immediate Preparations
Helpful Reading on the Eucharist
Brief Book Reviews

078    Ecumenism and Liturgy

Editorial: Working for Unity Is Our Duty
Meaning of Ecumenism Today
Different Degrees of Unity
People Who Are Not Christians
Implications for Liturgy 
Our Common Liturgical Roots
Sharing Our Liturgical Calendar
Moving Toward Common Worship
Future Directions
Ecumenical Action 
Dialogues and Directories
Action We Can Take Now
Ecumenism in Past Issues
Other Notes 
Brief Book Reviews
Make Us One, O Lord
Prayer for Christian Unity
Ecumenism in past Issues

079    Sunday Liturgy, When Lay People Preside

Sunday Is the Lord’s Day
Leading God’s People in Worship
Some Practical Thoughts
Community Celebrations 
Before We Celebrate
Beginning the Celebration
Liturgy of the Word
Prayers of Thanks and Praise
Communion Rite
Concluding Our Celebration
Other Notes
Celebrations During the Liturgical Year
A Question to Be Asked
Brief Book Reviews

080    Helping Families to Pray

Editorial: Family Prayer Is Our Concern
Tradition of Prayer
Prayer in the New Testament
Praying in the Morning
Meal Prayers
Prayer in the Evening
Praying at Night
Praying Today 
Praying with the Scriptures
Spontaneous Prayer
Exploring Our Prayer Forms
Brief Prayers
In Tune with the Liturgical Year
A Family Bookshelf
Other Notes 
Some Attitudes in Christian Prayer
Brief Book Reviews

081    Essays on Liturgy – II

Editorial: Children of Our Time
People of God
Called to Prayer
A Ministry We Need
Understanding Priesthood
Paschal Mystery
Living the Paschal Mystery
Worship and Prayer
Some Elements in the Liturgy
Worship of the Entire Assembly
A Study in Diocesan Ministry
Designing a Bible Service
Prayer Life of Religious Communities
Some Questions about Our Sunday Liturgies
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Guidelines for Pastoral Liturgy
Ways of Using this Bulletin
Advent and Christmas
Prayer to Know My Vocation

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 15 (1982)

082    Eucharist, Worship – 1981

Welcome to Worship ‘81
Christian Community and Eucharist
Theology of Eucharist
Eucharist and Ministry
Twenty-five Years of Eucharistic Development
Transforming Power of the Eucharist

083    Steps to Better Liturgy

Editorial: Working for Better Liturgy
Sunday Eucharist
Preparation and Follow-up
Introductory Rites
Liturgy of the Word
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Concluding Rites
Other Notes 
Celebrating Eucharist on Weekdays
Many Areas of Growth
Primary Source of Christ’s Spirit
Useful Reading
Letter to Priests
A Book of Blessings
Brief Book Reviews

084    Funeral Liturgies

Resurrection and Life 
Life Is Changed
We Fall Asleep in Christ Our Lord
Rites in the Past
Praying for the Dead
Celebrating Funerals 
Understanding Our Present Rites
Prayer Vigils and Wakes
Funeral Liturgies
Prayers in the Cemetery
Other Notes 
Ministries to the Bereaved Family
Brief Book Reviews

085    Advent in Our Home

Handing on the Memory
Advent and Christmas
Advent at Home
Family Prayer
Advent Activities
Days of Advent
First Sunday in Advent
First Week in Advent
Second Sunday in Advent
Second Week in Advent
Third Sunday in Advent
Third Week in Advent
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Week Before Christmas
Christmas Season
Family Activities
Christmas and Christmas Week
January Celebrations
Calendar: 1982-2002
Other Notes 
Prayer in Your Home
Brief Book Reviews

086    Lent in Our Home

Lent Is for Everyone
A Litany for Lent
Days of Lent 
Ash Wednesday
First Sunday in Lent
Second Sunday in Lent
Third Sunday in Lent
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Holy Week
Passion Sunday
Chrism Mass
Prayers in Holy Week
Holy Week: Mon., Tues., Wed.
Easter Triduum 
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday
Litany for the Easter Season
Other Notes 
March 19 and 25
Calendar: 1983-2002
A Prayer for Our Family
Time Is Flying
Our Family
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 16 (1983)

087    Twenty Good Years

Editorial: Thanks Be to God!
Liturgy Constitution
How the Document Came to Life
Continuing to Bring Results
Challenges to Our Church
Still Room for Growth
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Courses in Pastoral Liturgy
Bulletins for this Year

088    Reconciliation in Our Life

God’s Plan to Save Us
Are We a Church That Reconciles?
Celebrating Reconciliation 
Communal Celebrations
Penance Celebrations
Celebration with an Individual
Eucharist and Reconciliation
Many Ways of Repentance
Other Notes 
A Synod on Reconciliation
Reconciliation in Our Home
Some Practical Steps
Brief Book Reviews
Gregorian Chant
Make Our Worship Worthy
New Catalogue of Publications
Pastoral Care of the Sick
Worship ‘83: Christian Marriage

089    Children Learn to Celebrate

Introduction: Values for Christians
Some of Our Values
Being Able to Celebrate
Keeping Silent and Listening
Expressing Our Thanks
Forgiving and Asking Forgiveness
Greeting and Welcoming Others
Taking Part in a Group Activity
Sharing in a Friendly Meal
Being Generous and Ready to Share
Experiencing Symbolic Actions
Being a Friend
Being Moderate in All Things
Having a Sense of Self-respect
Working Hard
Showing Concern for Other People
Being Honest and Keeping Our Word
Using Our Time Well
Developing and Using Our Talents
Singing, Dancing, and Making Music
Being Tolerant and Unprejudiced
Keeping Clean in God’s Sight
Developing Self-discipline
Working for Peace and Love
Needing a Fresh Start
Other Values
Other Notes 
Nature and Grace
Toys and Games
Help from the Parish Community
Brief Book Reviews

090    Religious Communities Celebrate Liturgy

Introduction: Religious Life and Liturgy
Liturgical Apostolate
Celebrating Liturgy
Morning and Evening Prayer
Celebrating Eucharist
Eucharistic Devotions
Sick, Aged, and Dying Members
Wakes and Funerals
Celebrating Profession
God’s Word
Other Notes 
Shaped by Liturgy
Liturgy Committee
Liturgical Apostolate
Brief Book Reviews

091    Sharing Our Faith

Followers of the Way
A Unique Way of Teaching
Formation in the Way 
Teaching or Catechesis
In Tune with the Liturgical Year
Living in the Christian Way
Celebrating Liturgical Rites
Apostolic Activity
In Our Community 
Steps in Our Journey
Ministries to the Catechumens
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Bulletins for 1984
Papal Visit in 1984
Index of Past Issues

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 17 (1984)

092    Guidelines on Sacraments

Introduction: Christian Attitudes Toward Law
Exploring the New Code
Outline of the Code
Means of Sanctification
Some General Notes
Sacraments of Initiation
Other Notes
Other Sacraments
Further Notes
An Early Evaluation
Synod Interventions
Sacramental Reconciliation: Theological Aspects
Complementarity of the Three Forms
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Courses in Pastoral Liturgy

093    John Paul II – Worship and Prayer

A Time for Renewal
Meaning of the Papal Ministry
Faithful to the Council
Helpful Reading
Sacraments of Initiation
Celebrating Reconciliation
Marriage and Family
Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick
Prayer in Our Christian Life
Our Goal Is Unity
Other Notes
Canadian Interventions at 1983 Synod
Brief Book Reviews
Special Hymn Commissioned

094    Gestures and Symbols

Introduction: What Are We Saying?
Bodies and Senses 
Our Bodies and Our Senses
Heads and Faces
Arms and Hands
Feet and Seats
Our Senses
Assembled for Worship
Other Notes
Liturgical Skills
Adolescents in Hospital
Bulletins For this Year
Brief Book Reviews

095    Culture and Liturgy – I

Disciples in All Nations
Guidelines for Adaptation
Some Examples
Liturgy in Zambia
Sierra Leone
Creative Ideas in Pakistan
The Antilles
The Americas
Other Notes
Night Prayers from Africa
Being Missionary
Worldwide Meeting on Liturgy Renewal
Respect for Another Culture

096    Social Justice and Liturgy

A Vision of Justice
Some Areas of Concern
Food for the Hungry
Clothing for the Naked
Shelter for the Homeless
Care for the Sick and Dying
Comfort for All Who Mourn
Freedom for Captives and the Oppressed
Working with People with Handicaps
Peace in Our World
Some Ways of Action
Deeds, Not Words Alone
Hearing the Social Gospel
Ecumenical Co-operation
Pray and Work
Other Notes 
Lessons for Our Parish Liturgy
Some Steps along the Way
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 18 (1985)

097    Holy Week and Triduum

“The Great Week”
Opening Days 
Passion Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Chrism Mass
Easter Triduum 
Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday
Other Notes 
Easter Season
Celebrating Reconciliation Early
Primary Symbols
Alleluia in Practice

098    Sacraments and Ministry

Toward a Common Table
A Document of Hope
Reflections on the Lima Document
Looking at Baptism
Celebrating Baptism
Reviewing this Document
Celebrating Eucharist
“The Lima Liturgy”
A Glance at this Text
Ministries in Our Church
Some Denominational Responses
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews

099    Our Parish Liturgy

Liturgy in Our Parish
Some Ideals
People of Prayer
Nourished by God’s Word
Sunday and the Liturgical Year
A Space for Worship
Good Attitudes in Liturgy
Our Liturgy and Our Life
Evaluating Our Liturgy 
Striving for Excellence
Planning and Preparing
Other Notes 
A Letter to Youth
Blessing and Using Water
Brief Book Reviews

100    Essays on Liturgy – III

Life in Our Church 
Generous Use of Symbols
All Ministries in Action
Women in the Liturgy
Discriminating in Our Words
Liturgy in the Life of Religious Communities
Understanding Eucharistic Prayers
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
New Publications

101    Index II – 1978-1985

Index of Topics
Other Notes
Blessings by Deacons
Improvements for this Year
Brief Book Reviews
Music for Daily Prayer
Renewing Our Covenant
Bulletins for 1986
Academy Reports
Liturgical Library
Survey: Youth and Liturgy

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 19 (1986)

102    Celebrating God’s Word

God’s Word Is Restored in Our Midst
Listening to the Word of God
Liturgy of the Word in Our Rites
Bible Services
Bible Celebrations
Many Celebrations During the Year
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Worship ’86: Celebrating BEM

103    Easter Season in Our Home

Easter Season at Home 
Celebrating the Fifty Days
Seasonal Activities
Family Prayer
Embodied Prayer
Learning a New Prayer Form
Easter Triduum
Holy Thursday Evening
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter Vigil
Fifty Days of Joy 
Easter Week
Second Week in the Easter Season
Third Week in the Easter Season
Fourth Week in the Easter Season
Fifth Week in the Easter Season
Sixth Week in the Easter Season
Ascension of the Lord
Seventh Week in the Easter Season
Other Notes 
Other Celebrations
Calendar: 1986-2005
Brief Book Reviews
Survey: Youth and Liturgy

104    Ecumenism and Liturgy – II

Baptism, Eucharist, Ministry
Ecumenism Today
Reception of the BEM Document
BEM on Baptism
An Analysis of the Document on Ministry
Ecumenism and Celebration
Ecumenical Dimensions of Roman Catholic Worship
Ecumenical Services
Interfaith Services
Other Notes 
Liturgical Renewal in Other Churches
Brief Book Reviews

105    Culture and Liturgy – II

Culture and Liturgy
Canadian Culture and Liturgy
A Rich Diversity of Gifts
Liturgical Inculturation among Native Peoples in Canada
Cultural Influences in a Papal Liturgy
Looking at the Example of India
Where We Are in Canada
Other Notes 
As Others See Us (John Paul II)
Brief Book Reviews

106    Youth and Liturgy

Who Is Speaking?
Young People and God’s Word
Personal Prayer
Youth Looks at Liturgy
Taking Part in Sunday Mass
Facts from the Survey
Some Observations
Suggestions for Local Action
Music – Yea and Nay
Comments About Music
Suggestions for Action
Preaching Is “Mostly Boring”
Gestures and Symbols
Likes, Dislikes, and Changes
Other Notes
Talents and Ministries
Christians Working Together Toward Unity
A Prayer for Young People
Youth in Past Issues
Beginning of a Dialogue
Brief Book Reviews
Bulletins for 1987
Index of Volume 19 (1986)
Liturgical Calendar for 1986-1987

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 20 (1987)

107   Laity and Liturgy

1987 Synod
Preparing for the Synod
Study Session
Canadian Study Session
An Overview from the Dioceses
Evaluating CBW II
Ministries of the Laity
Musicians’ Prayer
Workshops on Liturgy
Other Notes
Laity and Liturgy
Discrimination in the Liturgy?
Against Discrimination
Bulletin to Be Available in Microform
Improvements for this Year
A Canadian Institute in Pastoral Liturgy
Bulletins for 1987

108    Youth and Liturgy – II

Keeping Our Promise
We Are Listening to Our Young People
Youth Offer Some Suggestions on Prayer
Gifts, Talents, and Ministry
Youth in Sickness
Sick and Dying Young People
It’s Not Hard to Prevent Suicide
Other Notes
International Concern
Evaluating CBW II
Some Ways of Using this Bulletin
It Depends on You!
World Day of Youth
A Year of Devotion to Mary
Summer School for Liturgical Musicians
International Liturgical Assembly ‘88
Brief Book Reviews

109    Some Notes on Liturgy

Liturgy Today
Blessings Celebrated by Lay People
A Pastoral Liturgist’s Library
A Walk Through Ordinary Time
Index of Prayers for the Marian Year
Canticle Prayers
Marian Year Notes
Chrism Masses
A Wholly Ministerial People
We Are the Church
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews

110    Rites of Recognition

We Are Called to Serve
Some Outlines for Celebrations
A Selection of Parish Rites
Parish Ministries
Lay Presiders
Bringing Communion to the Sick
Caretakers and Custodians
Pastoral Assistant
Installation of a Pastor
Other Notes
School Trustees
Ministries in the Wider Community
Intercessions for All in Ministry
Papal Honors
Wedding Anniversary
Marian Year Letter
Looking at the Sacramentary
Prayer for Vocations to All Ministries
Brief Book Reviews
Marian Year Prayers
Some Haiku Prayers

111    Preaching in Practice

Essays on Preaching
The Homily
Is Church Teaching Neglected When the Lectionary Is Preached?
The Word Made Flesh Today: Does Language Make a Difference
Ten Points for Preparation and Delivery, of Sunday Sermons
From Pulpit to Pew: Communicating the Message
Other Notes
Concerts in Churches (Congregation for Divine Worship)
How to Buy a Church Organ
New Editor
New Publication

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 21 (1988)

112    Celebrating Initiation

Monsignor Patrick Byrne
Celebrating Initiation
An Improved Edition
Studying the New Edition
Initiation of Adults
RCIA in Stages
Election and Lent
Sacraments of Initiation
Postbaptismal Catechesis or Mystagogy
Theological Reflection
Special Cases
Shortened Rites for Unbaptized Persons
Rites for Baptized Persons
Brief Notes
Our next Issue
A Canadian Institute in Pastoral Liturgy
Summer School for Liturgical Musicians

113    Ten Centuries of Faith and Worship

Ten Centuries of Faith and Worship
The Environment of Worship 
The Eastern Tradition
Liturgical Space
Liturgical Art: The Icon
Liturgical Languages
Liturgical Time
The Divine Liturgy
The Shape of the Liturgy
Worship for the Whole Person
The Sanctification of Persons
Mary, the Holy Theotokos
RCIA Resources
Biblical Background
Sources and Documents
Historical Studies
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

114    Praise God Morning and Evening

An Invitation to Prayer
Meaning and Value of Morning and Evening Prayer
Jesus Christ and Prayer
The Church and Prayer
Morning and Evening and Prayer
Difficulties and Opportunities
Obstacles to Celebration
Opportunities for Celebration
Helpful Reading
Shape and Content 
Tradition and Adaptation
Basic Elements
Recommended Adaptations
Good Liturgical Celebration 
Space, Ritual and Spirit
Music Resources
Other Notes 
Catholic Book of Worship III
Revision of the Sacramentary
Worship ‘89
The Liturgical Alphabet Game
New Publications
Brief Book Reviews
Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest

115    Celebrating Marriage

Understanding the Liturgy of Marriage
The Church Worships
Liturgy and Ministry
The Shape of the Liturgy
Coming in and Going Forth
Word and Eucharist
Vows and Blessing
The Musical Celebration of Marriage
Coming in and Going Forth
Word and Eucharist
Vows and Blessing
Musical Dynamics in the Liturgy
Music and Marriage
Additional Music?
Selecting the Music
The Musicians
A Musical Liturgy
Selected Reading
Good Liturgical Celebration 
Before the Liturgy Begins
The Liturgy of Marriage
Looking to the Future 
Improved Shape
Enriched Texts
New Liturgies
Liturgy and Marriage Preparation
Other Notes
Bulletins for 1989

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 22 (1989)

116    Liturgies for Small Groups

Liturgies for Small Groups
Beginning to Plan
Basic Liturgical Structures
Readings and Prayers
Signs and Symbols
Putting it All Together
Pastoral Message on the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
Circular Letter Concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts

117    Lectionary and Catechesis

Lectionary, Preaching, and Catechesis
The Challenge of the Lectionary
The Year of Mark
The Year of Matthew
The Year of Luke
John in the Lectionary
The Old Testament in Ordinary Time
Other Notes 
Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Liturgy Constitution
Book Reviews
Atlantic Liturgical Congress 1989
Glorify the Lord!
Ecumenical Relations
Our next Issue

118    Non-verbal Dimensions of the Eucharist

Eucharist: Symbols and Ritual
The Language of Symbol and Ritual
The Liturgical Environment
The Shape of Liturgy
The Gathering Rite
The Liturgy of the Word
The Liturgy of the Eucharist
Eucharist, Human Relationships, and the World
Communion Rite
Going Forth
“Gift of Finest Wheat”
Learning with the National Bulletin
ICEL Receives Award
The Celebration of Christmas Masses
The Establishment of the Feast
Guidelines for scheduling Christmas Masses

119    The Christian Funeral

An Improved Edition
The Christian Funeral as Journey 
Baptism Eucharist, and Easter
The Funeral Journey
Images of Life after Death
The Funeral Rites 
Prayers after Death
Vigil for the Deceased
Funeral Liturgy
Rite of Committal
Funeral Rites for Children
Good Liturgical Celebration 
Word of God
Other Elements
Pastoral Response 
Come, Sing the New Song
Dying and Grieving in the Order of Christian Funerals
Other Notes 
Bulletins for 1990
Brief Book Reviews

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 23 (1990)

120    Baptism for Children

Selected Reading
A New Edition
Why a New Edition?
Improved Presentation
New Appendices
Helpful Additions
Canadian Adaptations
Adapted Texts
Preparing for Baptism
Before Baptism
Four Approaches to Preparation
Celebrating Baptism
Reception of the Children
Liturgy of the Word
Preparatory Rites
Celebrating Baptism
Explanatory Rites
Baptism Within Mass
Living a Baptismal Life
Liturgy a Model for Life
Baptism and Social Justice
Pope John Paul II
Possible Future Improvements
Reminders and Renewal of Baptism
The Church Building
The Liturgical Year
Other Sacraments and Rites
Other Notes 
To Speak as a Christian Community
Reverence at the Eucharist Today

121    Children and Liturgy

Theological Reflections on Childhood
The Place of Children at Liturgy
Children and Symbols
Liturgy and Children’s Growth in Faith
Selected Reading
Home and Church
Home and Family
Children in the Church
Children and the Sunday Eucharist
The Eucharistic Liturgy
Children’s Liturgies of the Word
Liturgy and Life
Life-giving Eucharist
Liturgy and the Real World of Life and Death
Liturgical Practice
The General Intercessions
Importance of the Intercessions
Integral to the Eucharistic Liturgy
General Intercessions and Prayer of the Faithful
Composing the Intercessions
The General Intercessions as a Litany
Theological Reflections on the General Intercessions
Daily Prayers of Intercession
Other Notes 
Obituary – David R. Newman
Bibliographical Aids
Recent Ecumenical – Liturgical Publications
Book Review
Publications Available
Upcoming Conferences

122    The Christmas Season

The Christmas Season and Contemporary Culture
The Christmas Season
The New Year’s Season
Christians Respond
Liturgies of Christmas Time: An Overview
Selected Readings
Solemnities, Sundays and Weekdays
Christmas: the Nativity of the Lord
Holy Family
Weekdays of Christmas time
The Unity of the Christmas Season
The Use of Scripture
Mary, Mother of God
Revelation and Incarnation
Revelation of Jesus Christ
The Incarnate Christ and the Significance of the Incarnation
Past, Present and Future
Christmas time and Easter
Christology of the Liturgy
Christ the King
Christ the Light
Christ the Word of God
Christ our Savior
Celebrating the Christmas Season
Advance Planning
Visual and Verbal Dimensions
Music for Christmas time
Other Parish Activities
Celebrating at Home
Christmastime and Parish Life
Christian Initiation
Witness and Evangelism
Ministry and Discipleship
Evangelism and Interfaith Relations
Brief Notes
New Leadership
Summer Institute of Pastoral Liturgy
New Resource for Marriage Liturgy Preparation
Canadian Studies in Liturgy

123    Liturgical Spirituality

Selected Reading
Who Is Our God?
The Only God
God Is One
A Triune God
God Is Present
Father and Creator
Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
How Do We Pray?
Alone and with Others
The Word of God
A Variety of Religious Sentiments
Asking and Thanking
Kinds of Verbal Prayer
What Is Our Relationship with God?
How Do We Live Ministerial Lives?
Ministry by All
Particular Ministries
How Do We Relate to Other Persons?
Going forth
Sharing Stories
Sharing Nourishment
Bringing into Community
What Is Our Relationship to Creation?
God as Creator
Humankind in Creation
Liturgy Commission Meetings: A Liturgical Approach
Differences Between the Eucharist and Liturgies of the Word plus Holy Communion
What is Missing?
Another Perspective
Other Notes
Bulletins for 1991
Book Review

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 24 (1991)

124    The Eucharistic Prayer

Form and Structure
Variation in Form and Structure
The Unity of the Eucharistic Prayer
Good Celebration
Modes of Participation
Teaching and Preaching
Planning and Preparation
Nonverbal Dimensions
Gestures and Posture of the Presider
Posture of the People
Getting Ready
Eye Contact
Good Celebration
Content and Meaning
Context and Action
Thanksgiving and Praise
Story, Consecration, Petition
A Trinitarian Prayer
The Church’s Creed
The Eucharist as Sacrifice
The Roman Canon No Longer The Only Eucharistic Prayer
Ecumenical Significance
Impact on Roman Catholic Eucharistic Faith
The Influence Of The Roman Canon
A Popular Perception Of ‘The Sacrifice Of The Mass’
The Mystery Of Christ A Unique Sacrifice
The Eucharist A Sacrifice Of Praise And Thanksgiving
The Church Enters Into The Self-giving Of Jesus
Texts and Commentaries
Eucharistic Prayer I (Roman Canon)
Eucharistic Prayer 2
Eucharistic Prayer 3
Eucharistic Prayer 4
The Action of the Eucharist
Preparation of Gifts
The Eucharistic Prayer
The Breaking of Bread or the Fraction Rite
Communion Rite
Posture During the Eucharistic Prayer
Other Notes
Summer School
Brief Book Reviews

125    The Communion Rite

The Communion Rite in Context
The Eucharistic Liturgy
Holy Communion in Context
Lord’s Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Sign of Peace
Further Reflection
The Action
Ecumenical Perspectives
Breaking of Bread
Bread and Wine
Reflection on Breaking Bread
Lamb of God
Ecumenical Perspectives
Private Prayers of Preparation
Invitation to Communion
Communion of Priest and Ministers
Communion of the People
Ministering Communion
The Cup Is for Everyone
Ecumenical Perspectives
After Communion
Prayer after Communion
Ecumenical Perspective
Presence of Christ
The Blood of Christ
Liturgy and the Copyright Law
Making Copies
Making Changes in Copyrighted Texts
Rite of Consecration to a Life of Virginity
The Liturgical Celebration
Mary’s Story
Revision of the Sacramentary – II
Contents of the Revised Roman Missal
Pastoral Notes
Other Notes
Brief Book Notices

126    The Solemnities of the Lord

Solemnities and Feasts of the Lord
Selected Reading
Celebrating Well
Trinity Sunday
Liturgy of the Hours
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Body and Blood of Christ
Liturgy of the Hours
Sacred Heart
Liturgy of the Hours
Christ the King: Last Sunday in Ordinary Time
Liturgy of the Hours
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Presentation of the Lord
Blessing of Candles and Procession
Liturgy of the Hours
The Eastern Tradition
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Annunciation of the Lord
Liturgy of the Hours
The Eastern Tradition
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Transfiguration of the Lord
Liturgy of the Hours
The Eastern Tradition
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Triumph of the Cross
Liturgy of the Hours
The Eastern Tradition
Anglican and Lutheran Liturgies
Revision of the Introductory Rites
Invitation to the Lord’s Prayer
Composing Invitations
Rites at the Door of the Church
Rites and Rubrics
What Do the Rites at the Door Mean?
Pastoral Implementation
Other Notes 
Brief Book Notices

127    The Assembly

Assembly and Participation
Selected Reading
Biblical and Baptismal Foundations
Assembly in Scripture
How We Name Ourselves Today
What About Congregation?
Unity and Diversity
The Body of Christ
Complete in Itself
Each Assembly is Unique
The Assembly is a Unity
The Assembly is in Communion with Other Assemblies
The Assembly is Fragile and Imperfect
The Assembly Includes Diverse Gifts and Roles
The Assembly Includes Different Persons in Different Ways and Various Degrees
Participation: Being Assembly
Nonverbal Participation
Musical Participation
Verbal Participation
Conscious Participation
Forming the Assembly
Ministries in the Assembly
The Introductory Rites of the Eucharist
Gathering in Community
The Introductory Rites
To Promote Unity and Community
November 9: A Feast for the Assembly
Liturgy of the Hours
Office of Readings
Liturgical Greetings
Type A through N
Godparenting: A Life-long Ministry
Eulogies, Funeral Homilies, and Words of Remembrance
Four Meanings of Eulogy
The Prohibition of Eulogies
Personal References to the Deceased
Words of Remembrance
Invitations to Prayer
Other Notes
Brief Book Notices

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 25 (1992)

128    Catholic Book of Worship III

The Story of CBW III
Text Revision
What the People of Canada Said about Catholic Book of Worship II
Hymns in CBW III
Service Music
How to Introduce the New Hymnal
Establishing Common Repertoire in the Parish
Guidelines for Music in the Liturgy
Music Serves the Expression of Faith
Helps for Aspiring Hymn Writers
Composing Music for the Assembly
Exploring the Rhythm of a Text
An Analysis of David Young’s Tune Craigleith
The Evolution of a Hymn Text
Selected Readings for Musicians

129    Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Preparation
The Contemporary Context
Baptism for Children
Before Baptism
Four Approaches to Preparation
First Communion
Previous Experiences of Eucharist
Communion and the Communion Rite
The Eucharistic Action
Based on Baptism
The Holy Spirit
Hands and Chrism
Liturgy and Marriage Preparation
First Communion and Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest
On Ritual
Bow Your Heads
Inclusive Language in Latin Liturgical Texts
Prayers for Pentecost
Liturgy of the Hours
Other Notes
Obituary: Rev. Bernard Mahoney
Obituary: Robert Hovda
Our next Issue
Brief Book Notices

130    The Great Three Days of Easter

The Great Three Days
Selected Reading
Three Days and One Feast
Unity of the Triduum
Death and Resurrection
Not Historical Drama
Christ is Present
Celebrating Well
The Paschal Mystery (John Hibbard)
The Paschal Mystery (John Rose)
Liturgical Theology of Vatican II
The Liturgical Movement
Pre-Vatican II Theology of Redemption
Odo Casel and Maria Laach
Second Century Christian Eucharistic Controversies
Origin and Essential Unity of Holy Week
The Liturgical Year
Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Washing of Feet
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Good Friday: Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
The Readings
The General Intercessions
Veneration of the Cross
Holy Communion
Easter Vigil: During the Night
Blessing of the Fire and Lighting of the Candle
Easter Proclamation
Liturgy of the Word
Easter Sunday
The Paschal Fast and Other Liturgies
The Paschal Fast
Morning Prayer and Devotions
Liturgies of the RCIA
ICEL’s Third Progress Report
Proposed New Translations
Original Texts
Pastoral Introduction: Order of Mass
Other Notes
Book Review: Jewish Prayer
Brief Book Notices

131    The Sunday Lectionary

The Sunday Lectionary
Selected Reading
New Canadian Edition
Editorial Work
More to Come
The Word of the Lord
The Lectionary in History
The Roman Lectionary
Theological Foundations
Pastoral Intent
The Lectionary and Ecumenism
Principles and Questions
Aims and Purposes
Readers as Storytellers
Reflections on Proclaiming Scripture
Reflection and Preparation
Approach to the Scripture
Resources for Training Readers
Sunday Celebrations of the Word: Gathering in the Expectation of the Eucharist
Theological Considerations
– Sunday in the Christian Context
– The Sunday Assembly Which Gathers in Anticipation of the Eucharist
– Its Strengths
– Its Limitations
Pastoral Notes
– Who Makes the Decisions?
– Before Deciding
– Once a Decision Has Been Made
– The Form of Celebration
– With or Without Communion?
– By Comparison / Contrast with the Eucharist
Liturgy and Winter
Other Accommodations
Questions about First Communion
Age of Reason
Children in the Church
Exclusion and Alienation
Children in the Home
ICEL’s Third Progress Report – Continued
Preface Dialogue
Sanctus and Benedictus
Brief Notes
Brief Book Notices

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 26 (1993)

132    The Order of Christian Funerals

The Christian Funeral 
The Ministry of Consolation
The Funeral Liturgies: An Overview
The Vigil
The Funeral Mass
Related Rites
Music for Funerals
Participation Book
Parish Bereavement Ministry
Questions about Confirmation
Dialogue with the Eastern Orthodox Churches
Official Documents
Ministry to Adolescents
Selected Reading
Other Notes
Liturgy of the Hours for Passion (Palm) Sunday
Saints’ Names from the Hebrew Scriptures
On Liturgical Correctness
Antiphons at the Washing of Feet
The Vigil of Pentecost at the Rio Earth Summit
Brief Book Notices

133    Liturgy and the Cultural Mosaic

Liturgy and the Cultural Mosaic
Inculturation: Conciliar and Papal Teaching
Inculturation: Theological Reflections
Inculturation: Specific Cultures and Sub-cultures
Bilingual Liturgies
Pope John Paul II at Fort Simpson, NWT
Other Notes
Images of the Holy Spirit
Familiar Prayers in Medieval English
The Milwaukee Symposia for Church Composers
Learning with the National Bulletin
The Apostles’ Creed in the Liturgy
Scripture and Preaching According to Our Liturgical Books

134    The Art of Preaching

The Art of Presiding
Leading the Assembly into Prayer: Reflections for Presiders
The Sacramentality of the Presider
Rethinking Sacramentality
Leading the Prayer of God’s People. Liturgical Presiding for Priests and Laity.
The Lord’s Prayer
Why Sing the Liturgy?
Women Saints of October and November
November 1: All Saints
The Advent Wreath
Visitation of the Dying in the Fifteenth Century

135    Reconciliation in Our Broken World

Questions about Sacramental Reconciliation
The Human Need for Reconciliation
Reconciliation and the Life of the Church
The Gospel of Reconciliation
Justice, Injustice and Sunday Worship
Liturgy, Justice and Daily Life
Glory to God
Between Christmastime and Lent
Ash Wednesday: The Catholic Liturgy
Ash Wednesday: Anglican and Protestant Liturgies
Ministry to the Sick and Dying: The Need for Education

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 27 (1994)

136    Liturgy and Creation

Liturgy and Creation
Creation and Scripture
Creation and the Christian Tradition
Creation and Contemporary Theology
Ecology, Liturgy, and Spirituality: Making the Connections
Creation and the Liturgical Year
Sacraments and Creation
Creation, Sacramentals and Rogation Days
Creation and the Environment of Worship
Liturgical Renewal Past and Future
Nicene Creed
Book Reviews
Brief Book Notices

137    Language and Silence

The Languages of Liturgy
A New Era for Liturgical Language
Expressing the Inexpressible
Language for the Participation of All
We Who Use Liturgical Language
Speaking to the Holy One
Meaning, Content and Community
The Art of Translation
Liturgical Prayer as Narrative
Language of Silence
Other Notes
Women in the Lectionary
Pastoral Notes on the Use of the Book of the Gospels
The Apostles’ Creed

138    Trinitarian Dimensions of Liturgy

The Trinity and Liturgy
The Trinity Through the Centuries
The Trinity since Vatican II: Annotated Bibliography
Trinity Sunday and its Readings
Naming God, Conversing with One Another
The Trinity and Creation
Descending and Ascending Christology
A Profile of the Spirit According to Scripture
The Active Presence of Christ and the Spirit
The Trinity and the Sacraments
Other Notes
Contemporary Challenges to Musicians and Liturgists
Catholic Book of Worship III

139    Sunday Celebrations of the Word

Sunday Celebrations of the Word
Development and Consultation
Content and Structure
Basic Liturgical Principles
Introductory Rite
Liturgy of the Word
Proclamation of Praise
Concluding Rite
Rite of Communion
Special Occasions
Leading the Prayer of the Community
Ministry of Music
Other Articles
Preaching for Today
The Parish Liturgy Committee
The Trinity in Celtic Devotional Prayers

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 28 (1995)

140    Weekdays in Lent

The Weekdays of Lent
Reflections on the Readings
Symbol for the Church: Cross or Crucifix?
Standing at Eucharist: A Posture of Reverence
Posture as Ritual
The Second Vatican Council and Its Reform
Other Notes
New Director of the National Liturgical Office
Homilies Within the Liturgy: A Broader Definition
The CCCB Lectionary
Washing the Feet of the Poor

141    Liturgies in the Home

Liturgies in the Home
With New Song and Festive Dance: Celebration and Ritual in the Home
Praying in the Home
Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and World Religions
Toward an Iroquoian Christian Ritual
Other Notes
General Intercessions at Baptism
Saints of the Summer
Where Have All the Marys Gone?

142    Marginalized Persons and Liturgical Celebration

On the Edges 
Marginalization in Liturgy
Persons with Disabilities
Hospitality and Welcome
Access to the Sacraments of Initiation and Reconciliation for Developmentally Disabled Persons
A Celebration of Life–l’arche Calgary and the Church Community
Liturgical Participation at l’Arche, Daybreak
Other Notes
The ‘Blessing’ of Noncommunicants
Cardinal Bernardin on the Preacher
Liturgy in the West Indies Ca. 1700

143    Thirty Good Years

A Bulletin for Parishes
The Early Days
Thirty Years of Blessing
The next Thirty Years
Other Articles
Life-giving or Life-less
A Reflection on Liturgical Conversations
The Roman Liturgy and Inculturation (CDWDS)
Other Notes
The Celebration of Christmas Masses
Questionnaire Re: National Bulletin on Liturgy

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 29 (1996)

144    The Teaching of Liturgy

The Teaching of Liturgy
Goals of the Teaching of Liturgy
The Nature of Liturgical Education and Formation
Who? When? Where? What?
Learning with the National Bulletin
Other Articles
The Creation Story in the Liturgy
Vesper Hymns of Creation
Contemporary French Creation Hymns and Prayers
Liturgical Processions
Call to Communal Repentance: the Jewish Experience

145    The Reconciling Church

The Reconciling Church
Reconciling Individuals or Reconciling Church?
History and the Reform of Penance
Twentieth-century Reform of Penance
Rituals and Ministries of Reconciliation
Reconciling Individuals and Reconciling Groups
Catechesis for Conversion and Pastoral Strategies
Listening the Church into Authentic Speech
The Jewish Tradition
Christian Usage
Amen in the New Testament
The Meaning of Amen
The Pall
Pastoral Difficulties
The Funeral Liturgy
Sunday Worship Without a Resident Priest in Days Past
Itinerant Priest
Itinerant Worshippers
Lay Leadership
Kidnapping a Priest

146    Advent

The Challenge of Advent
Past, Present, Future
Waiting for Incarnation
The Liturgies of Advent: An Overview
First Sunday
Texts Used Throughout Advent
Weekdays I (Monday 1 – Wednesday 2)
Second Sunday
Third Sunday
Weekdays II (Thursday 2 – Friday 3)
Fourth Sunday
Weekdays III (December 17-24)
A Jewish Reaction to Advent
Preaching at Roman Catholic Funerals
Homilies and Eulogies
Model and Practice
Worship and Culture in Contemporary Lutheran Thought
Nairobi Statement on Worship and Culture: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities
Brief Notes: New Hymnals; the Collect

147    Fear and Liturgical Celebration

Liturgy Bulletin Editor Honoured
Fear and Liturgical Celebration
Liturgy and Fear
Fear of Disease
AIDS and the Common Cup
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Death and Dying
Preaching in the New Order of Funerals
A Model Funeral Homily and its Evaluation
Roman Catholic Funerals
The Practice
The Holy Chrism
Other Notes
Preparing for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 30 (1997)

148    Celebrating the Great Jubilee

Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Denotations and Connotations of Jubilee – Reflections on its Origins and History
Principal Themes and Concerns of the Apostolic Letter Tertia Millenia Adveniente
Pastoral Possibilities
Pastoral Resources
Pastoral Letter on the Jubilee Year 2000
A Prayer in Expectation of the Jubilee Year 2000
Liturgical Music 
Integrating Music and Text
Choosing “Good” Music – I. Melody
Regional Liturgy Conferences Hold Annual Meetings
Communion from the Cup
Occasions When Communion under Both Kinds Is Permitted
An Interpretation of the above Occasions
Other Considerations
Importance of Sunday and the Cup
Pastoral Considerations
People Allergic to Wheat and Wheat Products
The Use of Mustum
Respect by Those Who Do Not Receive from the Cup
Proper Catechesis Prior to Introducing the Cup
Attitude of Priests Toward Sharing the Cup
Priests as Ministers of the Cup
Alcoholism and the Cup
First Communion
Ministers of the Cup
Quality of the Material Used for the Cup
Careful Wiping of the Chalice by Eucharistic Ministers
Purification of Vessels after Communion
The Remaining Blood of Christ after Communion
Hygiene and Communion from the Cup
Summary of Responses to Questionnaire Regarding Communion from the Cup
Acclamations Within the Eucharistic Prayer
I. Background
II. Guidelines for the Composition and Use of Acclamations in the Eucharistic Prayer
III. Position of the Acclamation in the Eucharistic Prayers
Pastoral Reflections on the Use of Eucharistic Acclamations
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews

149    Litanies and General Intercessions

The Church Prays: “Through Him, with Him, in Him ….”
Litanies and Intercessions in the Liturgy after Vatican II
The Bidding Prayers of Medieval England
The General Intercessions: Prayer of the Faithful
Characteristics of General Intercessions
Other Articles
When Do We Pray What? On the Relationship of Liturgical and Devotional Prayer
A Blessing in Disguise? On Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Choosing “Good” Music – II. Rhythm
Ex Opere Operantis: The Role of the Presider in Liturgical Celebration
Other Notes
Brief Book Reviews

150    Planning the Liturgical Year

Planning the Liturgical Year
Celebrating the Eucharist in Ordinary Time
Evaluating the Parish’s Liturgical Celebration
The Role of the Liturgy Committee
Preparing the Liturgy: Resources
Reverence in Liturgy and Life
Introducing Silent Prayer in the Eucharist
“Let Us Pray to the Lord”
Choosing “Good” Music – III. According to Your Word
Regional Liturgy Conferences Hold Meetings
Notes from the Annual Meeting of the National Council for Liturgy and the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy
Other Notes
Mother to the Poor: St. Marguerite D’youville
Traveller and Parish Woman: Marguerite Bourgeoys
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Brief Book Reviews

151    Index

NBL Titles
Documents Published in NBL
Selected Bibliographies
Book Reviews
Preparation for the Great Jubilee: Prayer to the Holy Spirit for 1998 (Pope John Paul II)
Obituary: David M. Young

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 31 (1998)

152    Confirmation and Initiation

The Sacrament of Confirmation: Initiation or Commitment
Reflections on Confirmation in Pastoral Practice
The Bishop and the Eucharistic Assembly
Eucharist, the Completion of Christian Initiation
Initiation and Eucharistic Spirituality
Nurturing the Assembly into a Sponsoring Community
Suggestions for Music from CBW III for Celebrations of Initiation
Follow-up to the Celebration of Baptism of Children
History of Liturgical Renewal in Canada
The Second Vatican Council and the Liturgy
Beginnings of Liturgical Renewal in Canada
Preparing Canada’s Basic Liturgical Resources: The Editorial Work of the Office

153    The Eucharist – Its Story

The Centrality of the Eucharist
Development of the Eucharistic Liturgy
The Rites of the Eucharist
Introductory Rites
Liturgy of the Word
Liturgy of the Eucharist
The Eucharistic Prayer
The Communion Rite
Concluding Rites
Helpful Reading
Theme Masses
Places for Ad Libitum Remarks in the Eucharistic Celebration
Brief Book Reviews

154    Environment for Worship

Visual Art in the Worship of the Church: Some Fundamental Issues
1. Lessons from History
2. Art and “heavenly realities”
3. The Vocation of the Artist: A Noble Ministry
4. Truly Worthy Art
History of Space for Worship
The Biblical Understanding of God’s Dwelling Place
History of Worship Space
Building Communities of Faith, Building the Church
I. Who Are We?
II. What Do We Do Together?
The Architectural Setting for the Music Ministry
Guiding Principles
First Steps in the Process
Places for Different Ministries
Various Locations for the Ministry
Other Issues
Diocesan Commissions for Building and Renovation
History and Documentation
Before a Parish Builds…
Building a Church and Stewardship
The Ministry of the Liturgical Dancer
Liturgical Books: Second Generation
The 1994 Mississauga Statement
Brief Book Reviews

155    Celebrating Marriage II

Proposed Order of Christian Marriage 
Celebration of Marriage: Overview
Theology of Marriage
The Wedding Liturgy
A Catechumenal Approach
The Four Periods
The Three Steps and Their Liturgies
Liturgies Within the Four Periods
Liturgies for Married Life
Music in the Wedding Liturgy
Other Articles
Liturgical Ministry, Faith, and Discernment
On a Journey Towards the Father’s House
Prayer of Pope John Paul II for the Third Year of Preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Index to Volume 31 (Nos. 152-155)
A Brief Book Review

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 32 (1999)

156    The Lord’s Day, Our Day – Part One

About this Issue
Dies Domini 
A Letter of the Holy Father John Paul II to the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful of the Catholic Church on Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy
Commentary: “Weekend Masses” and Other Matters
Chapter I: Dies Domini 
The Celebration of the Creator’s Work
Commentary: The Restful Blessed Holy Seventh Day
Response: When Sunday Cannot Be a Day of Rest
Chapter II: Dies Christi
The Day of the Risen Lord and of the Gift of the Holy Spirit
Commentary: Dies Christi
Chapter III (part I): Dies Ecclesia 
The Eucharistic Assembly: Heart of Sunday
Commentary: Gathered on Sunday
Other Notes
Canadian Realities
From the National Office
From the Regions
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word: Members of the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy

157    The Lord’s Day, Our Day – Part Two

About this Issue
Chapter III (part II): Dies Ecclesia
The Eucharistic Assembly: Heart of Sunday (continued from Bulletin #156)
Commentary: Gathered on Sunday
Questions for Discussion
Chapter IV: Dies Hominis
Sunday: Day of Joy, Rest and Solidarity
Questions for Discussion
Chapter V: Dies Dierum
Sunday: The Primordial Feast, Revealing the Meaning of Time
Commentary: The World’s Time, Christ’s Time, Our Time
Other Notes
From the National Office
From the Regions: Ontario Liturgical Conference
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word

158    We Shall Proclaim Your Praise

About this Issue
Daily Praise: A Study of Morning, Evening and Night Prayer – General Introduction (ICEL)
The Prayer of the Church
The Sanctification of Time
The Celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours
The Structure and Content of the Celebration
Styles of Celebration
The Languages of Worship
Adapting the Celebrations to Particular Circumstances
Daily Praise: A Study of Morning, Evening and Night Prayer – Hymns (ICEL)
Hymns in Christian Worship
The Role of the Hymn in the Celebration of the Hours
Choosing Hymns for the Celebration of the Hours
Other Notes
In Memoriam
Psalm Prayers
The Hours in the Canadian Ritual Books
Notes for the Formation of Leaders of Prayer
The Hours in Special Circumstances: Praise God and Celebrate Reconciliation
Liturgies for High School Graduations
Preparing Grade 8 Students for Morning Prayer
Communal Celebrations and the Clerical Obligation to Recite the Liturgy of the Hours
Helpful Reading
From the National Office: The Celebration of Christmas Masses
From the Regions: Western Conference for Liturgy
The Last Word: Aa Parish Experience of Daily Morning Prayer

159    Full, Conscious and Active Participation

About this Issue
A Brief History and Theology of Participation
Different Ecclesiologies, Different Liturgies
The Dance of the People of God
The Vision of the Council
A Present and Active God
Liturgy and Human Experience
Ritual is Repetition
The Liturgy of the Church and the Liturgy of the World
Promoting Participation in the Parish Sunday Liturgy 
A “Hands-on” Parish Formation Strategy, Liturgy
Getting in Touch with the Assembly
Assessing Participation
Breaking down Barriers, Building for Success 
A Liturgical Audit
Music to Support Participation 
Leading So the People Will Sing
From Keyboard to Organ: The Antigonish Method
Participation and the Ordained 
Some Reflections on Concelebration
The Role of the Deacon at the Eucharist
The Children at Our Table
The Question
Two Basic Principles
Describing Full, Conscious and Active Participation
The Obstacles
Naming Challenges and Solutions
Forming Children for Full Participation
Liturgy and the Deaf
Visual Liturgy and Accessibility for the Deaf Person
Signed Masses and Participation
Liturgical Formation and Persons with Developmental Disabilities 
An Inclusive Worship Community
New Solutions, New Challenges: Responding to the Needs of Persons with Disabilities
Other Articles
Kindly Dismissed
Canadian Realities: A Celebration of the Easter Vigil
Homily from the Funeral Mass of Len Sullivan
From the National Office: Celiac Disease and Communion
From the Regions: Atlantic Liturgical Commission
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word: The Church’s Lost Treasure

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 33 (2000)

160    The Easter Journey

About this Issue
The Easter Journey 
Sunday and the Easter Journey
Triduum, the Great Paschal Feast
Easter Season
Where the Journey Takes Us
Related Reading
Other Articles
Canadian Realities: Rediscovering, Recognizing and Celebrating the Spiritual Heritage of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples, a Pastoral Message to the Native Peoples of Canada
From the National Office: National Calendar for Canada
From the French Sector: Office National De Liturgie
Index to Volume 32 (1999)
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word: Cultural Expression in Liturgy: A Reason to Celebrate Jubilee 2000

161    Re-visioning Confirmation Within the Christian Initiation of Children

About this Issue
Children of the Passage
Suggestions for Using the Document
Chapter 1. History of Christian Initiation of Children
Chapter 2. Theology of Christian Initiation
Chapter 3. Pastoral Considerations
Chapter 4. Forming Children in the Faith
Chapter 5. The Future Shape of Celebration
Related Reading
Other Articles
Canadian Realities: Creating a Path to the Future – Rethinking Sacramental Formation
Seasonal Notes
From the Regions: Western Canada Conference for Liturgy
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word: The Story of a Decision

162    Eucharist, Celebrating and Savouring

About this Issue
Celebrating and Savouring Eucharist
The Eucharistic Prayer: Summit of the Summit
Sunday Celebrations of the Word: Some Reflections upon Our Experience
Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery
The Best Place for the Tabernacle
Encourage a Separate Chapel
Other Articles
Canadian Realities: Lay Leadership of Prayer – Theology and Practice
From the National Office: Reservation Chapels
From the Regions: Ontario Liturgical Conference
The Last Word: Rediscovering Eucharistic Adoration

163    The Liturgical Year, Its Story

About this Issue
The Liturgical Year – Its Story
Jewish Roots of Christian Time
E Unum Pluribus: A Time Line
Heartbeat of the Year
Easter Cycle
Christmas Cycle
Sanctoral Cycle
Pastoral Resources for the Liturgical Year
Planning the Liturgical Year in Your Parish
Sunday Bulletin Announcements Throughout the Year
Christmas Season
Easter Sunday
Easter Season
Helpful Reading
Explanatory Note by the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy on the Revised General Instruction of the Roman Missal

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 34 (2001)

164    The Rite of Penance, Trying it Again for the Very First Time

About this Issue
The Rite of Penance: Trying it Again for the Very First Time
Rite for Reconciliation of Individual Penitents (from Introduction)
Rite for Reconciliation of Several Penitents with Individual Confession and Absolution (from Introduction)
Rite for Reconciliation of Several Penitents with General Confession and Absolution (from Introduction)
Penitential Celebrations (from Introduction)
Other Notes
Index to Volume 33 (2000)
Your Turn

165    The Rite of Penance, A Sharing of Pastoral Wisdom

About this Issue
The Rite of Penance, a Sharing of Pastoral Wisdom
A Child’s First Experience of the Rite of Penance
Bringing High School Students to the Sacrament
The Reconciliation Room
Music for Reconciliation
Prayerful Examination of Our Lives
Does this Diocese Need General Absolution at this Time?
The Making of Pastoral Decisions
The Road to Reconciliation
Helpful Reading
Other Notes
Canadian Realities: Eucharistic Practice and the Risk of Infection
From the National Office: Notes on the Visit of the Relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux
From the Regions: Western Conference for Liturgy
Brief Book Reviews
Your Turn

166    The 15-minute RCIA Book

About this Issue
The 15-minute RCIA Book: Don’t Skip this Part!
Part I, Christian Initiation of Adults
Part II, Rites for Particular Circumstances
Appendix 1: Celebration at the Easter Vigil of the Sacraments of Initiation and of the Rite of Reception into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church
Appendix 3: Other Rites for Use in Canada
Other Notes
Music Notes
Brief Book Reviews
The Last Word: On a Practical Matter

167   The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, What Have We Learned?

About this Issue
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: What Have We Learned?
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Defines and Builds Church
The Parish: An Initiating Community
The Initiating Community: Some Rubrics
Catechesis: Formation or Information?
Are We Preparing for Sacraments or Initiating Children?
What’s All this Talk about “Scrutiny”?
Keeping Lent in Focus
Re-visiting the Idea of Combined Rites
Other Notes
Music Notes
Canadian Realities: the Hospitality of Dismissal
Seasonal Notes: When Will it Be Dark Enough to Begin the Easter Vigil?
From the National Office: Liturgies with Large Groups
Last Word: Time to Dust Off the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 35 (2002)

168    Celebrating the Canadian Liturgical Books, Part One

About this Issue
Celebrating the Canadian Liturgical Books (Part One):
Check Your Liturgical Library
Liturgical Books of an Earlier Church
Finding Your Way Around a Liturgical Book
Treasures of the Sacramentary
The Deacon and the Liturgical Books
A Teacher’s Guide to Liturgical Books and Documents
A Guide to Pastoral Care for Ministers of Care to the Sick and Dying
A Bereavement Minister’s Guide to the Order of Christian Funerals
A Marriage Preparation Team’s Guide to the Rite of Marriage
Other Notes
Music for the Sunday Assembly: Year A – Trinity Sunday to the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
From Across the Nation: Considering Dot
Index to Volume 34 (2001)

169    Celebrating the Canadian Liturgical Books, Part Two

About this Issue
Celebrating the Canadian Liturgical Books (Part Two)
A Guide to Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours for Lay Leaders of Prayer
A Lector’s (And Preacher’s) Guide to the Lectionary
A Beginner’s Guide to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
A Baptism Preparation Team’s Guide to the Rite of Baptism for Children
A Musician’s Guide to the Catholic Book of Worship III
Other Notes
In the Spotlight: Devotions in the Life of the Church
Music for the Sunday Assembly: Year A – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time to the 34th Sunday in Ordinary time (Christ the King)
Brief Book Reviews
From the Regions: Atlantic Liturgy Conference
Last Word: Sharing Our Faith in Christ

170    Echoes of Liturgy

About this Issue
Echoes of Liturgy
Ordinary Time Prayer:
Advent Prayer
Christmas Prayer
Lenten Prayer
Easter Prayer
About the Contributors
Other Notes
Music Notes
Brief Book Reviews
Last Word: Note by Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on Implementation of Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani

171    Our Holy Oils

About this Issue
Our Holy Oils
Sacred Chrism and Holy Oil
Some Notes on the Chrism Mass
Other Articles
In the Spotlight: Masses with Children Who Have Developmental Disabilities
Figures from the Hebrew Scriptures in the New Roman Martyrology
Music Notes
Seasonal Notes: When Will It Be Dark Enough?
Canadian Realities: National Meeting of Directors and Chairs
Last Word: Celebrating the Chrism Mass in Canada’s North

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 36 (2003)

172    Vatican II- Are We There Yet? Part 1 – Foundations

About this Issue
Vatican II: Are We There Yet?
This Sacred Council Desires…
• to Impart an Ever-increasing Vigour to the Christian Life of the Faithful
• to Foster Whatever Can Promote Union among All Who Believe in Christ
• to Strengthen Whatever Can Help to Call the Whole of Humanity into the Household of the Church
To Accomplish So Great a Work…
• Christ Was Sent by the Father
• Christ Is Always Present in His Church
• We Take Part in a Foretaste of the Heavenly Liturgy
• The Liturgy Is the Summit, Fount and Source
The Church Earnestly Desires…
• Full, Conscious, and Active Participation
• That All the Faithful Be Led
Helpful Resources
From the National Liturgy Office: Additions to the Liturgical Calendar
Commentary: the Saints and the Calendar
Music Notes
Last Word: Source, Summit, and Challenge

173    Vatican III- Are We There Yet? Part 2 – Norms

About this Issue
Vatican II: Are We There Yet?
GENERAL NORMS FOR RENEWAL “Maintain the Tradition, Remain Open to Progress”: The Role of Scholars and Experts in Liturgical Renewal
DRAWN FROM LITURGY’S HIERARCHIC AND COMMUNAL NATURE “Liturgical Services Involve the Whole Body of the Church”
BASED ON LITURGY’S TEACHING AND PASTORAL CHARACTER “Sacred Scripture Is of the Greatest Importance”
BASED ON LITURGY’S TEACHING AND PASTORAL CHARACTER “Preaching: Proclaiming God’s Wonderful Works”
FOR ADAPTING THE LITURGY TO PEOPLES’ CULTURE AND TRADITIONS “The Church Has No Wish to Impose Rigid Uniformity”: The Status of Liturgical Inculturation in Canada
PROMOTION OF LITURGICAL LIFE IN DIOCESE AND PARISH “The Preeminent Manifestation of the Church”
Helpful Resources
Other Notes
In the Spotlight – “Lavishly Opening up the Treasures of the Bible”: Offering More Old Testament Readings for the Funeral Mass
Music for the Sunday Assembly: Year B – 22nd Sunday to the 34th (Christ the King)
Brief Book Reviews

174    Vatican II- Are We There Yet? Part 3 – Sacraments and Sacramentals

About this Issue
Vatican II: Are We There Yet?
“The Order of Mass Is to Be Revised”
“That More Complete Form of Participation”
“Expressing the Unity of the Priesthood”: Concelebration 40 Years Later
“That the Intimate Connection of Confirmation with the Whole of Christian Initiation May Stand out More Clearly”
Other Articles
A Reflection on the Motu Proprio, Misericordia Dei
Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying: A Gift for Deeper Appropriation
The Marriage Rite: Revised, Enriched, and Signifying the Grace of the Sacrament
Sacramentals: From Object to Blessing
Ordination and Funerals (See next Issue)
In Memoriam
Music for the Sunday Assembly, Year C: Advent and Christmas Seasons

175    Vatican II- Are We There Yet? Part 4 – Crucial Elements Intrinsic to the Liturgical Life of the Church

About this Issue
Vatican II: Are We There Yet?
Revising the Ordination Rites
The Funeral Liturgy of the Church, for the Church, by the Church: “A Further Step of the Living Tradition”
“The Hymn That Is Sung Throughout All Ages”: Restoring the Divine Office
“Unfolding the Whole Mystery of Christ”: The Liturgical Year (and Calendar)
Music Both Sacred and Liturgical
Designing Places for Worship in a Post-conciliar Age: Forty Years of Mixed Blessings
“If it Hadn’t Been for the Liturgical Renewal…”
Other Notes
Seasonal Note: The Easter Vigil, When Will it Be Dark Enough?
The Last Word – Liturgy: The Church for the World

National Bulletin on Liturgy (NBL) – Volume 37 (2004)

176    The Hymn Locator and a Eulogy for Eulogies

About this Issue
The Hymn Locator
Introductory Note
The Hymn Locator Chart
A Eulogy for Eulogies 
CBC Radio One, Sunday Edition with Michael Enright
Policy on Eulogies, Diocese of Calgary
Other Notes
Music for the Sunday Assembly – Year C: Trinity Sunday to Assumption of Mary
From the Regions: Ontario, Atlantic, and Western Conferences for Liturgy
Index to Volume 36
The Last Word: CCCB Episcopal Commission for Liturgy

177    Reconsidering Diocesan Liturgical Commissions and Parish Liturgy Committees

About this Issue
Reconsidering Diocesan Liturgical Commissions and Parish Liturgy Committees 
• Part One – What Do the Documents Say?
What Did the Council Say?
Unpacking the Council’s Mandate
Questions for Reflection and Discussion
What Did the Implementation Commission Say?
Unpacking the Mandate of Inter Oecumenici
Questions for Reflection and Discussion
• Part Two – A Conversation with Sheila Finnerty
The State of the Question
The Crew: Finding the Right People
The Basic Mission: To Enable and Nourish Parish Liturgy Committees
The Anchor: The Liturgical Documents
Some Early Priorities
Seasonal Workshops
Staying Grounded
The Never-Ending Journey: Expanding the Scope of the Commission
Concluding Remarks
Questions for Reflection and Discussion
• Part Three – Reconsidering Parish Liturgy Committees, More than a Decorating Committee
Begin with the Lived Reality
Take Action
Broadening Horizons
Concluding Remarks
• Part Four – Helpful Resources for Commissions and Committees
Going Deeper
Other Notes
Canadian Realities: Living Nostrae Aetate
From the Pope: Spiritus et Sponsa
From the National Office: New Guidelines for the Use of Mustum and Low-gluten Communion Bread
Et Cetera, Holding Hands during the Lord’s Prayer
Et Cetera, Obeying the New General Instruction
Music for the Sunday Assembly, Year C: 21st–34th (Christ the King) Sunday
Brief Book and Music Reviews
Documents: Abbreviations, Titles and Sources
Your Turn
The Last Word: My Life on a Diocesan Liturgical Commission

178    The 15-minute Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours Book

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The 15-minute Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours Book 
From the Inside Out
Where Do I Begin?
From the Inside Out
The Inside
The Out
It’s All There in Red and Black
Pastoral Notes: the Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest
Canadian Pastoral Letter 
Liturgical Notes 
Seasonal Notes
Sunday Celebration of the Word 
Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer
Other Notes
Music for the Sunday Assembly – Year A: Advent and Christmas Seasons
The Last Word: Sunday Celebrations for God’s Holy People

179    Popular Piety and the Liturgy – The Vatican Directory

Observations on Redemptionis Sacramentum – Revisiting Popular Piety and Devotions 
• The Perspective from the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy
• Excerpts from the Directory on Popular Piety and Devotions: Principles and Guidelines (CDWDS)
Some Principles
Responsibilities and Competencies
Values in Popular Piety
Deviations in Popular Piety
The Subject of Popular Piety
Pious Exercises
Liturgy and Pious Exercises
General Principles for the Renewal of Pious Exercises
The Life of Worship: Communion with the Father, Through Christ, in the Holy Spirit
The Church: Worshipping Community
Common Priesthood and Popular Piety
Word of God and Popular Piety
Popular Piety and Private Revelation
lnculturation and Popular Piety
The Liturgical Year and Popular Piety
In Advent
Veneration of the Holy Mother of God
Times of pious Marian exercises
Veneration of the Saints and Beati
Holy Angels
Shrines and Pilgrimages
• Eucharistic Adoration and Missio
The Paschal Mystery
Relation of Adoration to Eucharistic Celebration
Toward a Theology of Eucharist Adoration and Missio
• Finding Your Place in the Lectionary
Other Notes
Seasonal Note: Appropriate Time for the Easter Vigil
Music for the Sunday Assembly – Year A: Lent-Triduum-Easter Season
Et Cetera, Communion in the hand
Et Cetera, Communion rite: “sin” or “sins”
Brief Book Reviews

180    Complete Index, 1965-2004

Complete Index
Titles of Each Issue