2006 CCCB Plenary Assembly: Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Sunday, October 15 2006

Mgr André GaumondHis Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Vatican City

Most Holy Father:

Fortified by your welcome and your words of encouragement on the occasion of their ad limina visits, the Bishops of Canada are today gathered in Plenary Assembly in Cornwall, Ontario. During this annual meeting, which will continue to 20 October, we will constantly keep in mind the encouraging and hope-filled message you communicated to each of our Regional Episcopal Assemblies. It is thus with renewed enthusiasm that we will examine the issues on our Plenary agenda, most of which will have an impact on the life of the Catholic Church in Canada.

On the theme “Catholic involvement in public life and the social teaching of the Church”, we shall reflect together on the principles and values that are to inspire Catholics who occupy positions of responsibility in the public or political domain. At the same time, we shall endeavour to identify how our Episcopal Conference can help to bring a spiritual enlightenment to current debates in Canadian society on various ethical and moral issues. We shall also continue our reflection on the functioning and scope of the services of our Episcopal Conference for the years to come, in order to complete the restructuring process we began two years ago.

In addition to dealing with a number of administrative matters, we entrust all our deliberations to the benevolent care of Our Lord Jesus, who is God’s Love for the world.

Assuring you, Most Holy Father, of our fraternal prayers, we ask for your Apostolic Blessing on our work and on the entire Church in Canada.

+ André Gaumond
Archbishop of Sherbrooke
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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