A complete history of the Popes… in your pocket!

Monday, June 05 2006

Pocket Dictionary of Popes(CCCB – Ottawa)… A new dictionary, co-published by CCCB Publications and Burns and Oates, delves into the remarkable 2000-year history of the papacy. A concise guide to all the Popes from St. Peter to Benedict XVI, this pocket book offers a succinct outline of each Pope’s life and the main characteristics of his reign. This book is both a handy reference and an easy way to learn about history, making it valuable to students and specialists alike.

Packed with lesser-known facts, the Pocket Dictionary of Popes provides answers to questions such as: Which Pope tried to bring about world peace on the eve of the First World War? Which Pope refused Henry VIII a divorce? Which antipope was a pirate before embarking on his ecclesial career? Is Benedict XVI the first German Pope? Which Pope declared Anglican orders invalid? Who was the only English Pope? Who were the Borgia Popes? What was the occupation of John Paul II’s father?

The 184-page dictionary conveniently lists the Popes alphabetically according to their papal names (Pius, John Paul, Alexander) and their family names (Borgia, Wojtyla, Ratzinger). There is also a chronology of the Popes so they can be followed in historical order. Italics are used in the case of antipopes, and dates marked with an asterisk indicate an abdication.

A welcome addition to every school, parish or home library, this user-friendly guide will appeal to teachers, students, historians and all who are interested in the papacy. For travellers, the Pocket Dictionary of Popes is also a quick reference to the many Popes in important works of art.

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