A New Look for the CCCB Internet Page

Thursday, October 10 1996

Ottawa (CCCB) — The Internet Home Page of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has been given a new look just one year after its inauguration. The new look includes an attractive graphic design, new interactive features and a crisper style in an effort to better respond to the needs of our visitors.

One of the new innovations of our site is an area known as The Catholic Church in Canada” where one can travel to any of the pastoral regions and dioceses in Canada via an interactive map and retrieve information on the local Church.

This first year on the Net has been phenomenal with 15,000 visits to the CCCB Home Page, and a flood of E-mail letters from our visitors with comments and suggestions. The new look, undertaken by the Ottawa-area firm of Clic!Media, makes the site more user-friendly and appealing.

The CCCB site also offers a varied listing of other interesting Catholic resources on the Net to go and visit.