Apostolic Exhortation on the Role and Ministry of the Bishop Now Available

Friday, October 24 2003

(CCCB – Ottawa) –Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Gregis, On the Bishop, Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World, made public on October 16 during the 25th anniversary celebrations of his pontificate, is now availble in Canada through CCCB Publications.

The document is the Holy Father’s response to the recommendations and conclusions of 300 bishops from around the world, including five from Canada, who participated in the Synod of Bishops held in Rome October 2001 on the theme The Bishop: Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World.

Pastores Gregis (Shepherds of the Flock) outlines pastoral orientations for the 4,700 Bishops of the Church worldwide. The 204-page document is divided into seven chapters and discusses the mystery and ministry of bishops, their spiritual life, their roles locally and internationally, and the challenges they face.

The Apostolic Exhortation is available through CCCB Publications for $13.95 (plus taxes, postage and handling):

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