Benoît Bariteau Named Interim Chief Administrator

Thursday, March 25 2004

(CCCB – Ottawa)… While maintaining his duties as French-language Associate General Secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), Mr. Benoît Bariteau has also been named its interim Chief of Administration.

The nomination was unanimously supported by the four members of the CCCB Executive Committee following the accidental death of Mr. Jean Roy on 21 March 2004. Mr. Roy had been working at the CCCB since 1998 and was its Chief of Administration for the past three years.

Mr. Bariteau has significant experience in administration. Before arriving at the CCCB, he was director of human resources and communications for the Diocese of Joliette, Quebec. Previously, he had worked in administration and pastoral services at a Montreal CEGEP, and as an executive advisor with the Quebec hospital association. Originally from Montreal, he holds master’s degrees in business administration and theology.