Catholic Church in Canada Supports Manitoba Flood Relief Efforts

Friday, May 02 1997

Ottawa (CCCB) — The President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Francis J. Spence of Kingston, has sent letters of support to the three Manitoba dioceses affected by the current flooding.

“We are deeply moved by the courage and determination of the people to maintain a positive spirit and reach out to others who need support,” said Archbishop Spence in his letters to Archbishop Antoine Hacault of Saint Boniface, Archbishop Leonard J. Wall of Winnipeg, and Archeparch Michael Bzdel of the Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg. “I want you to know of the prayerful support of the members of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

In a separate letter to all the Bishops in Canada, Archbishop Spence talked of the various channels for the dioceses and individual parishes wanting to send material and financial relief to flood stricken Manitobans. Archbishop Antoine Hacault of Saint Boniface has been named a member of the committee that will administer the Canadian Red Cross – Manitoba Flood Appeal. Any donations sent to the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface will be handed over and administered by the Canadian Red Cross.

The Archdiocese of Winnipeg and the Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg have also set up special funds for flood victims.

“In addition to any financial contributions,” Archbishop Spence wrote the bishops, “I know that you, your clergy and all your faithful will remember in prayer the people of Manitoba, especially those whose afflictions include the loss of home and their means of livelihood.”