CCCB designates projects for donations to UNICEF Canada

Friday, September 18 2009

(CCCB- Ottawa)…As it does yearly since 1997, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has again invited Canada’s Catholic dioceses to ensure that funds donated to UNICEF Canada are designated for a particular cause. This year, the approved UNICEF Canada cause is education in Africa, focusing on Malawi and Rwanda. Traditionally, UNICEF has made Halloween a special focus point for children to fundraise.

The dioceses have been invited to inform their Catholic school boards and schools which of the following options are to be given priority in view of involving Catholic children in fundraising projects for the children of the world:

In a memo addressed to the Bishops of Canada, the CCCB Executive Committee has also again recommended that dioceses deciding in favour of forwarding 2009 Halloween contributions to UNICEF Canada earmark or designate their donation for support to education in Africa. They are also invited to use the occasion to urge UNICEF Canada to continue doing all it can at the international level to ensure Catholic donors receive the necessary assurances their contributions will not be used for programs in conflict with Catholic moral principles.

Each diocesan Bishop will determine how the suggested CCCB guidelines are to be applied in the diocesan Church.