CCCB Launches New Website

Friday, May 29 2020

Ottawa – Visitors to the website of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) – – will notice significant improvements. The website welcomes between 10,000 and 15, 000 users each month. New and returning visitors will appreciate a fresh and visually attractive layout, improved navigation based on a thematic organization using broad categories to appeal to a wider audience, and upgraded compatibility of the site for multiple devices to improve visitor experience when clicking, or swiping, from page to page to page.

The release of the new site follows an extensive and thorough review to streamline the content and to create a comprehensive destination for users to find relevant information and resources. The completion of this major initiative was supported by a generous donation from the Ex corde foundation.

“The Bishops of Canada recognize the critical importance of a website as one of the ways to teach, inform, and evangelize the community of Canadian Catholic faithful,” said CCCB President Archbishop Richard Gagnon. “A change to the Conference’s website was therefore needed as the breadth of material available on our site has grown exponentially since we first established a presence on the Internet twenty-five years ago. What you will see now is a site that is not only attractive, but is more intuitive and user-friendly for those seeking information about the Conference itself, our pastoral initiatives, and our ecclesial resources.”

While visiting, look for easily accessible links to the CCCB’s other electronic communication channels – notably the free e-mail news service, Twitter and YouTube – and be sure to subscribe to all three for the latest updates.