CCCB Plenary Meeting 2000: Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone Addresses Canadian Bishops

Sunday, October 15 2000

(Cornwall – CCCB) Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) at the Vatican, has told the Bishops of Canada about the importance of maintaining close links between national doctrinal commissions and the Congregation in Rome.

Archbishop Bertone was invited to lead the bishops in a reflection at the Plenary meeting this morning as they began to study the mandate of the Episcopal Commission for Theology. Each year the Plenary meeting reviews the mandate of one of the its 12 commissions.

The Italian archbishop discussed the canonical role of theological or doctrinal commissions saying “it is the duty of the bishops to safeguard the orthodoxy of the Church’s teachings” and as such “they are primarily charged with the responsibility of transmitting the faith.”

“Another major role,” the Archbishop continued, “is to maintain good relations with theologians, especially those teaching in Catholic colleges, universities and seminaries.”

In other matters, the bishops also examined the pastoral priorities for the CCCB in the coming year. World Youth Day 2002 will play a major role in those priorities.