Christ and Culture: New Grade 10 Religious Education Program Launched in Canada

Thursday, August 23 2001

(CCCB — Ottawa) – A new Grade 10 religious education program prepared by the National Office for Religious Education (NORE) entitled Christ and Culture has been released by CCCB Publications.

The principal aim of Christ and Culture is to assist Grade 10 students, with the help of the Gospel, to participate as Catholics in the shaping of our culture.

The program, developed for English Catholic schools across Canada, establishes strong connections with students’ daily lives; provides opportunities for discussion, research and inquiry; studies implications for Christian moral behaviour, and looks at who we are as Church.

Students will study the principles that guide Catholics in understanding their role in culture, explore modern day culture in the light of those principles, and find ways to celebrate Christ in our culture.

The National Office for Religious Education developed Christ and Culture under the direction of the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission for Christian Education.

A preview of Christ and Culture may be seen on the World Wide Web at

The program may be ordered from CCCB Publications at or by calling toll-free 1-800-769-1147.  The Teacher’s Manual costs $49.95 while the student text costs $25.95.