Coadjutor-Bishop Named for Diocese of Victoria

Monday, September 14 1998

(CCCB — Ottawa) — His Holiness Pope John Paul II today named the Most Rev. Raymond Roussin, SM, Coadjutor-Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria. He will work with the current Bishop, Most Rev. Remi De Roo, who is soon to reach the age of retirement.

As stipulated in Canon 401 of the Code of Canon Law, a diocesan bishop, upon reaching the age of 75 must present his resignation to the Pope. Often, when a bishop is close to retirement, a coadjutor-bishop is named to assist him and to assure a smooth transition upon retirement.

Bishop Roussin has been Bishop of the Diocese of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, since 1995. Also today, the Pope announced the dissolution of the Gravelbourg Diocese and that of the Territorial Abbacy of St. Peter-Muenster, also in Saskatchewan. Their territories will be integrated into the Archdiocese of Regina and the Diocese of Saskatoon.

The new Coadjutor-Bishop is 59 years old, and was born in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. He graduated in theology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and was ordained to the priesthood in 1970 as a member of the Congregation of Marianists. He taught for many years in the Quebec, Manitoba and the United States before becoming Superior of his order from 1980-86. He was also president of the Western region of the Canadian Religious Conference from 1984- 86.

The Diocese of Victoria has a Catholic population of 90,000 people in 31 parishes and missions, served by 48 priests, four religious brothers and 86 religious sisters.